The memories we made

Just because it’s time to let more of my writings be seen…

You know what? It’s fine.
I am fine.
It’s fine that we don’t talk now
It’s fine that we can be in the same room and act like complete strangers
You know, just smile politely at each other
As if we didn’t once share clothes
And buy matching shoes and jackets
It’s fine that you will rather have someone else
Be your partner for the project we are working on
That’s life

There was a time you would wait for me and I, you!
We were inseparable and no one ever asked to be my partner for anything
Because they knew you were my partner
It was unspoken, but established
And everyone knew we loved each other hard
We were fine being weak with each other
And letting the strong one hold on for us
When one of us was down
It’s life

Life does not flow in a straight order
There are no guarantees that our pinkies will always
Be connected
We didn’t know there are fights we will never come back from
But life teaches us lessons and that’s fine.
So I am fine
We have memories
I have your pictures on my phone and laptop
I still sometimes hear the familiar sound of your laughter
There are some places I still pass by and I know memories of us
Have been etched in the places

Memories of us make me smile
Because the memories we made yesterday will be there to keep both of us
Warm during the cold times
And memories are so powerful
That they can bring us back together
But it’s fine if they don’t
That’s what memories are there for anyway
Memories are there to make sure you are fine
When you otherwise wouldn’t be.


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