A few disjointed notes

A friend messaged me in the early hours of the morning to ask if I still blog. I replied yes, but that simple question got me thinking till I drifted back to sleep. It has indeed been so long since I last posted, and for that, I apologise. Life got in the way and laziness also did.

I am done with one phrase of my life and I’m moving on to another phrase soon. So, I cannot promise to be a consistent blogger, but I’m not abandoning this blog. In case you were also wondering if I still blog, yes! I still do. So, don’t give up on this blog.

Today’s post is a few disjointed notes that I had handwritten on a small piece of paper and had tucked into my gratitude practice book for a while now. They are short notes that I hope will have a lasting effect on you. so here they go:

  1. God’s love cannot be measured: I don’t know if I shared it with you, but towards the end of last year (2016), I saw God’s love in a whole new light. I felt like a blind person who didn’t even realise she was blind until she was exposed to a deep revelation. The realisation of how deep God’s love is overwhelmed me and the thought of it still brings tears to my eyes. His love cannot be measured. It just can’t. God loves you and I because that’s his nature, not because of anything you have done or can ever do. God will always love you because he is love and he cannot deny his nature. Nothing you do or will do can ever be big enough to make God deny his nature. So, as a matter of fact, he will always love you. Always! It’s up to you to live and walk in the realisation of that love. The realisation of that love made me stop worrying as much as I used to (and I’m praying that going forward, it will make me stop worrying altogether). Like Pastor Will always use to say in connect; ‘Everything else just seems to be minute when you realise that God loves you.
  2. Giving won’t kill you: A commonly used excuse is that we don’t have enough to give and we postpone giving to when we have enough. I recall my mum telling me that giving requires practice. You start from when you don’t have much and that way, when you have more than enough, you won’t find it difficult to give because you are already used to it. I don’t know anyone who giving has killed, but I do know many whose lives have been enriched by giving. Your life is not yours alone. Others are connected to you. Give!!! Ofcourse give your time, love and so on. But also, importantly, give your money regardless of whether or not you feel you have enough.
  3. You have something to offer: You matter and what you do, matters. Your life is an embodiment of awesomeness and treasures. So, don’t close your eyes to who you really are and what is inside of you. You are enough and you have more than enough to offer. Please, open your eyes more. Discover what’s in you. Develop them. Use them. I don’t care what anyone has told you or what you believe about yourself. You matter and what you do, matters. Love yourself because you are worth loving.
  4. You are blessed: Say it to yourself everyday: ‘I am blessed. Whether I have everything I want, I am blessed. Whether I fail and get disappointed, I am blessed. I am blessed and my circumstances should never make me feel like I am not blessed.’ You are blessed and that’s the truth. Please, don’t let your feelings make you forget that truth.
  5. Focus on you: You were not created to run the same race as someone else, even if you are on the same track field. You are different and that’s one of the awesome things about you. Focus on you. As tempting as it is to compare our lives and race with those of others, especially those we feel are doing better than us, it’s a useless endeavour. Comparison is more likely to make you feel incompetent and shrink you than it is to uplift you. Focus on you. Your race has always been different. Don’t lose your difference in other to be uniform.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share in the spirit of encouraging others. Have a wonderful week.

  • ITORO!
    June 19, 2017

    Nice read! No 5 is hard though…comparism is mostly subconsious, takes a level of will to decide to ignore social pressures…
    PS: Apology not accepted.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      June 19, 2017

      Most things take a level of will. I believe we can make the conscious effort to ignore such social pressures, and this relates not only to comparison.

      Lol. you are the one to apologise to me. You know what you did.

  • ITORO!
    June 19, 2017

    Since you have decided to touch the subject, I have a question;
    How do you then measure growth? How do you bench mark? How do you ascertain speed?

    If there’s no basis for comparism except your own past data (that is if we are sticking to non-comparism), wouldn’t this result in skewed results? and somewhat unpragmatic notions?

    Don’t get me wrong, I also am of the non-comparism school of thought, I’m just curious as to how you would approach measurement and benchmarking.

    PS: This doesn’t have to be published, I can’t seem to find you on Whatsapp and my BBM is still what it is. Hit me up whenever you’re free.

    • Mayowa Depo Oyedokun
      June 19, 2017

      I don’t have all or even most of the answers. But I do know this. I would rather measure growth by my past data. Look at where I was, where I want to be like and where I am now . Of course you have things you want to achieve. You have people who have or are achieving these things that you look up to. We are not living in an island, so, there are things you will see and people you will see or read about whose height you want to reach and/or surpass. That’s perfectly normal. But comparing yourself to those people or even your mates is basing your life and progress on a wrong yardstick, in my opinion. And that’s not a healthy yardstick for many (bearing in mind that some people do better when they compare themselves cause they of the pressure they put on themselves based on this).

      If it helps you to stay on your toes and ensure you have good results based on what you hope to achieve, you can have someone or a few people you are accountable to. Who help you achieve the goals you want. I would rather have that than compare my growth and life to those of others. It has a high chance of making me belittle my growth than it does of pushing me. We never have someone else’s full picture. So your comparison might actually produce skewed results.

      That’s my opinion anyway. And I know you do belong to the school of no comparison. Check your whatsapp.

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