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So, today’s post is an old story that is a bit long, but very interesting. I’m not just saying that cause I wrote it. I think the story is 3 years old or more, but I never shared it. It’s never too late to share right?

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Her back was turned to him as she stared outside the window. “The weather is beautiful today. Let’s go out to a park or something.  You know, take advantage of this weather now.” If she had turned back to look at him, she would have seen his trembling hands and the fear in his eyes. He said nothing hoping the silence would communicate his fears to her. She turned to look at him with a bright smile that made her look like a happy child in that moment. “Did you hear what I said?” She asked.

He just stared at her absentmindedly. He was going to reply and tell her he couldn’t go outside. He just couldn’t. Instead, he kept staring at her, unable to translate his thoughts into words. She walked towards him smiling weakly but, it was obvious she was weeping inside. She went on her knees and held his hands close to her chest as he began to cry. She closed her eyes and held his hands a little tighter not ready to let go of it yet.

The room was spinning and he felt like he was being suffocated. He tried to focus on the face in front of him and the one beside him but he couldn’t. His system went numb and English words turned to Chinese words. He felt like the blood that was supposed to run through his veins had stopped circulating. He wanted the ground to open and…

“Ayanfe, say something…” he heard someone say to him, then he realized it was her voice a few minutes after his brain processed the information. Suddenly, he could make out the face of the person in front of him, the person holding his hands and looking into his eyes intently, desperate for him to say something. But he just looked at the man before him and said nothing. He moved slightly on his chair to face her. She looked distraught yet calm.

“Ayanfe, say something,” she repeated hoping he would have some re-assuring words to offer but instead, he stood up, pulled her out of her chair and walked out of the man’s office with her not caring whether she was ready to go. He just had to get out of there. It was too much for him to take in and he desperately wanted to go back to three months ago.


Oreofe, you have to go and see Ben today or do you want me to take you myself? he asked with a concerned look on his face as he prepared to leave the house for the office. She nodded and kissed him goodbye. That day, he came back home early to take her to the hospital as she could not go to work because of her fever. Doctor Ben did some tests and told them he would get back to them soon.

Back at home, he noticed Oreofe was looking at him as he took each bite of the fried rice she cooked.

Do you like the food? she asked.

He nodded and continued eating. She kept looking at him and that made him uncomfortable. His wife only looks at him like that when she wants to make a demand or if he does something wrong.

He dropped his fork and asked, what is it Ayanfe?

she smiled and took a bite out of his food; I thought you would never ask I am pregnant. she said amidst giggles. He was stunned for a while and just kept looking at her brown eyes. After he wholly digested what she just told him, he went on his knees singing songs of worship to God. She went on her knees as well; they clasped their hands together and released a torrent of tears which said all they could not say. After fourteen years of marriage and several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, they finally have an answer.


Oreofe, you are bleeding, he said with shock written all over his face. She looked down at the blood on the floor and said nothing.

 I need to do some tests. Doctor Ben said as he looked at the scared couple seated in his office. He carried out a pregnancy test, and then did a pelvic examination and finally, he carried out an ultra sound to view the Uterus condition and fallopian tubes. A week later, they were back in his office. He looked at both of them unsure of how to divulge the test results to them. He finally summoned up the courage to talk after he saw the impatient look on Bayos face. He cleared his throat and spoke up I am afraid I dont have very good news. He said.

 Oreofe sank into her chair and Bayo sat forward The results show the fetus is not in your womb; its in your fallopian tube…” Bayo didnt have patience for medical jargons. What does that mean exactly? Bayo asked.

 It means your wife has an ectopic pregnancy. The bleeding meant her fallopian tube has been ruptured. We will have to perform surgery immediately. Oreofe, I am hoping your ovary is still intact and I wont have to remove it. He had an apologetic look on his face as he tried to focus on Oreofe. There was silence for a long time. He hated being the one to break a bad news to his childhood friend and his wife whom he had become fond of.

 What could have caused it? Oreofe asked calmly

I cant say for definite. I do know the fertility drugs you have been using are a risk factor. I will leave you two to talk; I need you to decide about the surgery as soon as possible. Time is not really on our side as I want to reduce the risk of haemorrhaging and at least save your life and preserve your fertility.

 You didnt say anything about the baby, Oreofe said looking disturbed.

 He sighed. He didnt really know how to tell her this, but he just had to Err, Im not sure I will be able to save the fetus. I might have to choose between you and the fetus and obviously, your life is more important.

 Oreofe became angry and stood to her feet. Are you talking as my doctor or my friend, Dr Ben? Its not a fetus. It is a baby and who are you to decide whose life is more important? If you cant save us both, save my baby. That baby must live. Bayo looked up and spoke for the first time since he heard the news. He was livid. Oreofe, have you lost your mind? What do you mean save the baby? he gave her a sharp look, then turned to Dr Ben. Ben, nothing must happen to my wife. I dont care if we lose the baby. But there is no way you are going to choose that baby over my wife. No way! Oreofe stood up and walked to the door, Dr Ben, Bayo is not your patient. I am. She stomped out of his office and took a cab home leaving Bayo at the hospital.


They didn’t speak to each other for two days after leaving the hospital as they were both deeply hurt. She understood where Bayo was coming from; he didn’t want to lose her but, she had prayed for a baby for too long to let this one go. She told Ben this when he got home from the hospital that day and he said; “we can always adopt but I am not losing you because of a thing that doesn’t even have a life yet.” They had argued and ended up sleeping in different rooms. Her mind was made up; the baby will stay.

She woke up that morning feeling happy. Looking outside the window, she saw how beautiful the weather was. She decided then to talk to Bayo who stood in the same room, but said nothing to her. “The weather is very beautiful today.  Let’s go out to a park or something. You know, just take advantage of this weather now.” When he didn’t answer her, she turned back to look at him and that’s when she saw them in his eyes; fear and pain.

They went to the hospital so she could get prepped for the surgery. They went to Dr Ben’s office and while he was assuring them of doing his best, she noticed her husband was far gone though he was seated beside her. “Ayanfe, say something”, she repeated to bring him back to them. She had just told Dr Ben again that she wanted him to save the baby no matter what. She knew how Bayo felt about it but, she still wanted him to say something. Instead, he practically dragged her out of Dr Ben’s office. “I have to get ready for my surgery tomorrow evening Bayo,” she protested but he didn’t listen and didn’t stop walking until they reached the car. He left her hand and looked at her with deep sorrow in his eyes, “I can’t let you go Ayanfe. Please, don’t ask me to. You are my everything. I don’t want a child; I want you.” She kissed him and said nothing. He knew what the kiss meant. He broke down in tears as she hugged him; they remained like that until he was stable enough to go back inside the hospital with her.


“Happy birthday princess,” Bayo said as he walked into his daughter’s room with a big cake with candles atop it. He looked at the replica of his wife who stood on her bed with a bright smile. Ten years ago, he cried as he was handed his baby and the nurse told him his wife was fighting very hard.

“Anuoluwapo don’t start eating that cake with your father. Have your bath and get dressed for your party.”Oreofe called out from the kitchen.


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