A New Year; A new focus.

Happy New Year loves. It’s really great that we have gracefully made it into 2016. Indeed, the faithfulness of God cannot be understood, but that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t need to be understood, it just needs to be appreciated. It seemed like it was not so long ago that I wished you a happy new year on this blog when 2015 just started and for me, it’s amazing to see how each day rolled by so quickly and before jack could be called, we are already in a new year.

There are many things 2016 will share with 2015 and one very important thing is that we will still have twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in a week. A difference in time is that one extra day has been added to this year because it is a leap year. Just like 2015, 2016 will come with its own fair share of challenges and you would have to deal with those challenges. I wouldn’t pray for myself or you that we won’t have challenges this year because it’s going to be wasted prayer. Challenges will come. What we need to pray for is the grace and wisdom to overcome the challenges. If there are no challenges, you are not really giving yourself room to grow and think outside the box. What makes us see challenges as weapons of the devil is that we are not ready to let our minds to be stretched and our heart to trust solely in God.

As Reverend Solomon Adebara rightly said in church on New Year’s day, what makes a year different is our human calculation and attitude to the year. It’s not like a special star was seen at 12 midnight on New Year’s Day. We just calculated time and rejoiced greatly when the clock turned 12. Its Human’s that call it a new year and it’s up to humans to indeed make it a new year by bringing a new mentality into the year. While many shouted Happy New Year with glee, it’s unfortunate that a lot of us will still be living in 2015 because we would be doing things exactly the same way we did them in the previous year. Especially doing the same things that won’t bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams and maximizing our talents.

I don’t do New Year resolutions anymore. I stopped because I don’t actually pay attention to them. It just doesn’t work and maybe you are like me or you still do New Year resolutions, but one thing I hope we all do is have things we want to achieve in the year. I hope we all have a prevailing picture of what we want the year to be. If you are like me, you probably had a prevailing picture last year, as you would need one this year. But what will make this year’s picture work in a different way from last year’s own is constant focus on the picture and your attitude and approach to it. Your success and achievements this year will be determined by the steps you decide to take: what you decide to stop doing or start doing, who you decide to let in and who you decide to let out. It will especially depend on your relationship with God and your obedience to his will for your life.

This year will come with trials and challenges just like 2015, but you have the same chance you did last year to tackle it. This time, please don’t run away from it. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Adopt a different tactic and expect a different result. I learnt last year that each day comes with its lessons and I have the opportunity to learn everyday and add more to my knowledge base if I am sensitive and humble enough to allow myself to. So this year, I am more than ready to learn daily and I hope you will join me. Consciously choose to daily renew your mind and think differently this year. Before you give up and say it is impossible, give it your all.

This importance of learning from the stories of others cannot be overlooked; hence this blog will be dedicated to sharing stories of others with you on ‘THEIR STORIES THURSDAY’ once every month. It would be one Thursday a month, so please do not miss it. More contents would also be brought to you on the blog and I would encourage us not to be shy of contributing to the blog if we can.

Do a constant evaluation this year to help you stay on track and work on what needs to be addressed. God is the same God he was in 2015. He will work with you differently if you present yourself and situations differently to him this year. It all depends on you. Create time this year and allow him speak to you and order your steps.

Cheers to a great 2016. May we get the benefits that will come with each day.


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