A random conversation with Daniel.

Daniel is one of those precious souls whose deep Liverpool accent makes me laugh and whose mind makes me smile. He is a rather different person. He walks like someone is chasing him or he is running after someone. He also vanishes from your side without you knowing, but if you can get him into a room and perhaps lock him in, you have a good chance of having a lengthy conversation with him without him being distracted.

I manage to have that with him sometimes and when I do, he leaves something in me (no pun intended). I learn through talking to him (I tend to do a lot of the talking and he, the listening because Mayowa talks a lot) and when I manage to shut up. I also learn through listening to him.

Two Mondays ago was one of those few times. Daniel came to visit me and we were trying to catch up on a good amount of what we missed in each other’s lives since we didn’t really talk over the holidays. We talked about the state Nigeria is in, talked about the freezing weather and other things. Our conversation just flows and most times. It’s not in a linear order. We found ourselves talking about relationships and somehow, that led to a discussion about God. I found myself giving him the analogy of an excited grandma to explain how God loves speaking.

We can all testify to the fact that even the most quiet woman talks a lot more than a guy that is termed a ‘talkative’. It’s not a proven theory, but let’s just assume I am right. Lol! Women tell stories a lot and if you are lucky to still have your grandma alive, you would be privileged to hear stories about how the world was during her time. God has blessed a lot of grandmas’ with uncommon wisdom, so they will give you wisdom nuggets that will do you more good than bad if you are interested. It’s not all grandmas’ that are able to enjoy the pleasure of chatting away to their grandchildren, perhaps because they do not get enough calls or visits from the said grandchildren or they have no form of relationship with the grandchildren who can’t be bothered to chill with the old or young grandma.

A change occurs the minute the grandchildren show interest in what the grandma has to say. It unlocks something in the grandma and she happily shares things with the children. The more the calls and visits to grandma, the more they learn and the better their relationship. Communication does have an uncommon power.

I told Daniel that Jesus is like our excited grandma. He has so many things to show and tell us. He is ready to tell us what ears have not heard and show us what eyes have not seen; things that are only for those that believe in him. (1 cor 2: 9). He is so interested in being our gist partner, friend, confidant and father. He is interested in helping us lead our lives. The great thing is he capable of giving far better advice and wisdom nuggets than your grandma can ever give. All he requires is that we draw nigh to him and he will draw nigh to us. (James 4: 8).

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. ~ Jeremiah 33: 3.

Daniel said he loves how the bible makes him know more about God and that alone excites him to want to dig into the bible. I could not have agreed more, and with a very bright smile on my face, I told him I love how through knowing and understanding God, I am able to know and understand myself better. I am able to know what abilities God has endowed me with and the Bible perfectly shows me the powers I have and teaches me about how to unlock them. And like sitting with my grandma, all that comes from sitting with God.

The great John rang the words, ‘He who has a ear, let him listen and hear what the spirit is saying to the churches’ through the book of Revelations. It is the same way God is ringing: give me the time of the day. Spend more time with me so my glory will be revealed through you and you will be transformed. Call me often, will you? I have many stories to tell you; stories about love, redemption, victory, grace, power… I am here to tell you what you can do and also help you do it.

I keep asking that the God of our lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so you may know him. ~ Ephesians 1: 17.

God is simply saying he just needs people that will always be aware of his presence and be sensitive enough to hear him when he speaks, for he is always excited to speak. So will you say, Speak to me Lord. I am listening?


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