A success story

 Hello! This is an article written by my sister, Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun. She will be writing on this blog from time to time and maybe she might have a column soon. But for now, you can check articles and stories from her under ‘UNCATEGORISED’. I am sure you will learn something or two from reading her work. she is a brilliant writer and unlike me, she knows how to speak proper english lol. Alright then, please share and let’s encourage this beautiful upcoming writer.

My greatest dream in this world (other than to please God of course) is to become a success story. I suppose that’s practically everyone’s aspiration but the only difference between me and a lot of other dreamers is the level of commitment. I am entirely devoted to actualising and establishing this success story to the fullest.

I have always wanted to be an extraordinarily holistic student. I am fully grounded on academics(at least, most people think so), I dance but not the best. I jog but not the farthest distances. I am an average student and today I am content with that. That satisfaction wasn’t always there though. I used to obsess over being perfect. I would try to do all sorts of things but I learnt that those things did not represent me at all.

success storyWe were all made perfectly in the image of God but who said we weren’t made differently. You see, I believe God has different images. Some people took on academic strength and some people took on physical strength. Every ability is in-built in us but it’s just how we train it and our preferences that matter. I might not be a holistic student but that’s not what’s going to get me to my success story.

There are so many people in this world that are famous for their unique doings. Nobody is known today for being well-rounded. We know the likes of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, the great scientists; the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the fathers of modern day technology; Maya Angelou, the talented poet, Michael Jackson, the amazing performer, Martin Luther King Jnr., Rosa Parks, the ever devoted freedom fighters, amongst many other talents that have made their mark in history in both in life and in death. They did and will do a great job at shooing oblivion. They all had their peculiar talents and they weren’t afraid to showcase it. They developed themselves and today at least one person a day celebrates them for their courage. Yes, the courage they had to develop those talents and serve the world, the souls and brains of the world.mayaI am going to use what I have; it maybe writing, maybe my voice. I’m going to give it all out and develop myself to the optimal level. But I can’t do it all on my own, I’m going to do it with the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. I am going to let Him be the wind beneath my wings as I fly to the highest point in the sky and with Him, it can only be my starting point. I am going to wow myself, go to the best school in the UK, and once I get my degree, I’m going to make a change in this world in whatever way I can. That will then be success story.

i canNo matter what anyone says, I know i can do it and I will do it.

If I can do it, nothing is stopping you. iiii




So what do you want your success story to be? Do share


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