About 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose.

Happy new month loves! I wrote a review on frances Okoro’s first book titled, ‘Chastity for men‘. That book was loaded and was definitely not only for men cause I gained a whole lot from it. Some weeks later, she messaged me to tell me another book is out. Frances is so high on God’s power and energy. These two books are clearly just a tip of the ice of what God is doing and will do in her life. 

I asked Abiodun OGunnaike  (who is not a stranger to this blog) to write a read the book and write a review. He wrote it and reading it really blessed me. 

You are about to read a review on ’10 STEPS TO WALKING IN PURPOSE’ by Abbey. It’s nothing compared to reading the book itself. So I implore you to please do that. You can check Frances blog for details on how to get the book. Better still, you can send her a mail at FRANCESOKORO@GMAIL.COM. 

I will stop writing now and let you read the review 🙂


I thought that I atleast had a general idea of where my life was heading, until I read 10 steps to walking in purpose by Frances Okoro. Then I began to see all very clearly,that I have been ignorantly clueless. Not because I didn’t know nothing about purpose before now. But because compared to what I knew before I read this book, I knew nothing.

I am not really a fan of books that aren’t exactly novels. But I had to make an exception to take my time to digest this one. At first I told myself am just doing this for a friend, i was wrong! I was actually doing it for me. For my life now makes a whole lot more sense.

10 steps to walking in purpose. Just as it is written in the title,there was this brilliant use of scriptural guide to help us walk in purpose, just as it is written in the holy book. There was a detailed precision about the book. Gently guiding the mind to seeing the light of God as regards purpose.

You will discover something crucial from the very beginning of the book. We struggle a lot with trying to achieve visions according to purpose. Here is what the author had to say about that; “There will be days of knowing the details of your purpose but not being able to walk in them because the vision’s appointed time is not yet at hand“. What this suggests is that there is a time of discovery,a time of waiting and then a time of fulfilling.

I was made to know better when I came across these words, “one of the reasons why some of us feel so empty is because we are not using our gifts for what they are meant for. It is not enough to discover your gift. You must use it for the right things.” Only then will you fulfil purpose. The author stated very clearly that “what burns within you is fuel for what God has purposed for you to do on earth“. This revealed that your passion is all the fuel you’ll need to walk in purpose.

Often a number of us are afraid of our inadequacies. Afraid we are not worthy or good enough. Here is what I picked up as regards fear and purpose, “being afraid is not the obstacle; staying afraid and doing nothing is the obstacle“.

From the beginning of the book to it’s end,a crucial fact was made clear; “there is no walking in purpose if you are not busy walking in God“. This book shows that contrary to whatever beliefs we had before now, our ultimate path unto purpose is directly connected to our walk in and with God,we won’t find it in maps or our mentor’s lives,we’ll find it only with God’s directions. At this point I remember a revelation I had  from God,that helped put my perspective right as regard purpose. It was in the middle of a sermon when it came to me. I saw a pillow. This pillow was cut open with a knife and all the foam inside came out. What was left was just a piece of cloth and then a voice asked me this questions; ‘what is a pillow without the form inside? What is man without purpose? What is purpose without God?And finally what is man without God?’ So you see, I absolutely agree with the writer here, that there is no purpose outside God, none whatsoever.

There is no walking in purpose if you are not busy walking in God ~ Frances Okoro.

10 steps to walking in purpose takes you to a deep place of insight. So was my experience when I read this book. The writer made use of “Wisdom Nuggets” and “Reflect and Decide” segments in the book that does not only help one to consciously open your eyes to the truth about purpose but also ensures you are not just seeing what you ought to see but you are making the right decisions accordingly. For this I commend the author’s tenacity into ensuring that knowledge is not only passed but that transformation kicks off in the life of every individual that reads her words in the book. The book took me on a mental journey that awakened my spiritual alertness upon what exactly I can do about God’s purpose for my life which is infact my life’s purpose.

I for one think the most precious thing about this book is that it came from a place of love. A place that simply wants to share to help and not to instruct or command us. I was personally touched by the sincerity of her words, it was refreshing and heart warming and I said to myself, “God bless Frances Okoro’s beautiful mind”.

This is a book to read, for your sake and the world’s. Trust me, your life will make a whole lot more sense after reading this book. Regardless of what you might have achieved so far. Walk in purpose.


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