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Chastity for men, a book written by my darling Frances Okoro, a woman who allows the light of God to shine through her is out. Yayyy!!! I have read the book, so this post will be all about the book and what I learnt from reading the book. Patiently read with an open mind…

I am not a man, but reading this book has blessed me just as I am sure it has blessed any man, open to change, who frees his heart and allows the Holy Spirit speak to him through the words written in this book. I will one day marry a man and I will like to know/think he has read a book like this which has helped shaped his life and future in a positive way. I hope to someday have a boy and a book like this is highly needed to prevent a future generation of lost children that won’t reject the freedom God offers.
Many words written in ‘Chastity for men’ touched me greatly, but one that really struck a chord in me was ‘CHASTITY IS ALSO ONE OF THE GREATEST FORMS OF WORSHIP A MAN CAN GIVE TO GOD … IT IS GIVING UP WHAT WE WANT THE MOST FOR HIS SAKE – TO HONOUR HIM’ ~ Tobi Atte.

That is such a deep and true statement. In the past week, I have had a deeper understanding of what worship really is and how every act we do which is intended to bring glory to God is an act of worship. Thanks to Rick Warren for this added knowledge, but I never thought CHASTITY could be an act of worship until it was pointed out in this book. That statement is not only intended for men as it is one I will also personalize. Making a decision to be chaste before marriage is a way of telling God I love Him enough to fight my fleshly desires. I love him enough to say he matters so much that no pleasure is worth causing a drift in our relationship. My being chaste is a way of honouring God and bringing glory to His name. I am not doing it for any man or because society wrongly associates virginity with dignity and purity. I am doing it because I love God. Honestly, some hours of pleasure done wrongly and at the wrong time are not worth losing eternity over.

A way to overcome a strong desire to have sex is to have a stronger desire to be for God, His word and His presence ~ Dr Enwongo Ettang


One thing I like about all the men who contributed to the book is that they are not acting naïve. They are not denying the fact that sexual urges do arise, neither are they condemning anyone for having such urges. They are only pointing out the fact that it is very possible to repress those urges, not by our strength because we are very weak, but through the strength of God through whom we can do all things. And for me, this is not only for being chaste. It is also for living in the way God wants us to live. We can never walk uprightly or walk in purpose through our strength and wisdom. Anything worthwhile that will be done in life will require the strength and hand of God. All we really have to do is tell God to come in and take over because He is at the door of every man’s heart, knocking and waiting patiently for the door to be open. So do your bit, open the door, trust him without borders and be surprised at how many things you can overcome and how fruitful your life will be. Jesus makes the difference in any and every man’s life.

The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. The flesh and its lust thereof are very sharp and powerful, but the word of God is more powerful. So a way for us, both men and women to live our lives following the design God intended is for us to stock our mind, body and soul with the word of God. Feed the spirit. The bible says draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. The fastest way you can nigh to God is by studying and meditating upon the word of God. That is how you will know his mind and that is your weapon against anything, including the flesh. Use the word to resist the devil. Speak the word of truth to yourself every time and being chaste will not be an impossibility.

Chastity for men is a unique book for me because it showed that chastity is just as important for men as it is for women, even though shamefully, society and the Christian family attach more stigmas to women.

My friend asked me why he should download Chastity for men and I told him because I love him and care enough about him. It is the simple truth. I am also telling you to read this enlightening book because I care enough about your life and future. I know this book will bless you richly and deepen your relationship with God. The book is free, so really what is stopping you?

Download Chastity for men.

  • frances
    August 5, 2015

    Reviews like this that I read twice(and more) just re-emphasizes the fact that I was just an instrument God used to get this book out.
    Like such insight! It’s sinking into my own head too!

    Thank you Mayowa!
    Thank you!

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      August 6, 2015

      No Frances, THANK YOU for being a ready instrument. It’s truly an amazing book.

      More grace to you my darling. Patiently waiting for more books from you.

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