About my new friend!

I made a new friend!!! I am excited about this new friend because so far, he has been really interesting to talk to. I meet new people every time but do not bother wasting my time to show interest in their proposed friendship because I sense low intellect from what comes out of their mouth. I know you are not meant to judge a book by its cover, but there are some books your gut feeling will tell you will be crap just by looking at their front cover and what is written at the backs of the book. So you do yourself a favour and don’t bother to purchase it, therefore saving yourself the time and money you might have invested in the book. The way you dress and carry yourself is quite important as a person. So are the first few words that come out of your mouth, they go a long way in describing your person. Unfortunately for me, a lot of people that I have been meeting lately spew out total nonsense; no focus or purpose whatsoever and honestly, I no longer have time or tolerance to have such friends. You can imagine how very glad I am then that I made a new friend who I can have serious intellectual conversations with. A guy that does not shorten most of his words or spell wrongly (I cannot stand people that find it an arduous task to type in full. Especially those that say ‘kk’. Why not just say ‘ok’). Finally, a guy that I could actually talk to for hours, non-stop without feeling the time pass. Not many new friends have that effect on me. So please, be happy for me, for I thought I had a problem and that is why I find it hard to make new friends. I guess it’s not me, it’s them.

I am not just writing to tell you about my new friend. I am also writing to tell you how my new friend inspired me (You see! He is already inspiring me. May new friends like this keep coming my way). While getting to know each other better, he told me of how he had to change schools when in secondary school because he was too stubborn and unserious with his studies. He was acting like a rich brat and his mum felt it necessary to teach him a lesson. So she withdrew him to a school that didn’t have all the privileges of his old school. He said he didn’t like it, but at the end of the day, he is glad she took him to the school for he was too comfortable at his old school. According to him, the school made him a changed person and helped him develop good morals and drop some deadly attitudes. I am sure the school did a wonderful job as I have a focused, purposeful and intellectual person as a new friend. I shared my story of how I also changed schools in Secondary School. My parents withdrew me from Stella Maris College in Abuja in year 7 to Olashore and I threatened to run away. I was used to SMC and it was scary going to a new world; a place that was far from home. At the end of the day, I am glad they did for I might not have developed my writing ability or met some precious souls that are now friends for life.

Every human being on earth likes their comfort zone and I don’t blame us. It is called ‘comfort zone’ for a reason; we are used to a particular place and thing. We know our strengths and weaknesses regarding this place and thing. So we will rather stay there and keep doing the same things even if they are no longer bringing results. It’s better to stay with the familiar than plunge into an unfamiliar world where you do not know what to expect. Well, the point of this epistle is to encourage you just as I’m encouraging myself to let ourselves go, let our hearts leave the safety net we have created and let it find expression in other unfamiliar worlds. We don’t know what lies at the other side of the fence, but we will never know if we don’t leave this side of the fence. The other side might just be where we need to be and only time will reveal that. Sometimes when things are happening and you don’t understand, let your heart rest in God and be patient. Time will reveal why what happened happened. Fear will always creep in when you want to do something different, but please do not let fear hold you back. Life is a beautiful and adventurous ride, enjoy it darling. Before you decide to go into an unfamiliar world, ask God and let Him lead you. Knowing God, he will never tell you to play it safe, for it is by taking risks that your heart comes alive and blesses you for listening to God, the captain of your life.

Have a good week darlings. Please say a word of prayer for the family of Bobbi Cristina Brown. May her soul rest in peace and may her family be comforted. Peace!


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