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No, the title of the post is not misleading.  I actually had a studio session and I actually recorded a song.

Yes!!! Let it sink in to the likes of Toyole, and Derin who do not believe in my singing talent. I believe I have a nice voice. Call it self love or self deceit. I do not care. I CAN SING!

Now that I have established that, I can tell you about the studio session. My friend, Itoro is a gifted child when it comes to music. It is something he has a passion for and it is something he has a clear vision about.  We attended the same primary school in Abuja and I didn’t really like him initially because he liked to feel like a music genius that could play the keyboard, amongst other instruments well. His love for music led him to learn how to play nine instruments (Weirdo). He now has a studio, though he is still a student. I called him and told him I felt the world needed to hear my beautiful voice and it was time I produced a song. Of course he laughed at me for so long before asking if I was serious. When I told him I was, he decided to fix a date for me to come. I proceeded to tell Derin who mocked me with her laughter and comments. I didn’t feel insulted, she is a known hater.

It was Friday and I was to go to the studio. Itoro asked if I had a song I wanted to sing, but I told him I would freestyle. I am that talented. We got to the studio, Itoro asked me to sing, but a cat caught my tongue. I didn’t expect him to take me serious. Of course, I wasn’t going to record a song. Not because I don’t have a talent, but just because… Fortunately for me, an acquaintance of his came to record a song which made me get off the hook. This acquaintance needed a female voice for a part of the song, so he asked Itoro if he could ask me to help out. NO FRIGGING WAY, I thought. I was too shy and my voice was also too shy. After much convincing, I decided to give it a try. That my darlings, was how I recorded a small part in a song. There is a moral to the story.


The studio was on the first floor of the building. I think we had to climb three flights of stairs to get there. Going up was not funny. Coming down was easy. Itoro and I had to get something. So we had to go down. I told him it was nothing, and he told me I would know it was something when it was time to go back up. He was right. I kept stopping to catch my breath when we were climbing back up because I am so unfit. He said, ‘Going down is easy, but going up is not’. I agreed and thought about life.

It is never easy when you are going up and trying to build something. It’s really never easy because time, money, efforts, prayers and so much goes into it. It is this time that you are trying to build something out of the picture you have in your mind. At this point, not many people will identify with you because life will be harder than normal. Not many people will want to identify with your struggle. Just like climbing stairs is tiring, you will get tired a lot, but just like I kept climbing the stairs in order to get back to the studio, you will have to keep climbing because if you stay where you are, those you  left behind will drag you back down and  mock you.

You can keep stopping to get strengthened again, but you  have to get back on the stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, your success will automatically attract alot of people that didn’t identify with you during your struggle period. You have to be careful not to get carried away by the crowd, for it is easier to lose focus when surrounded by a crowd. Don’t also stop climbing because there will always be a higher step. Don’t forget to take God and your character with you on the journey because you will need them not to crash. Don’t raise your shoulders high, forgetting you have a past and don’t try to please everyone because that is a full time job. The type of job that won’t allow you work towards a future.

May fake friends be revealed when you get to the top. May you not dabble into things that will bring you down. Have a good week loves!


  • frances
    September 22, 2015

    Loooool Mayowa!!!
    Sound lessons though…and the thing about friends on the journey to the top..lets just say wisdom is needed..!

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