My name is Mayowa Depo-Oyedokun. I am a petite girl from Oyo state, Nigeria.I was born on  6th of June 199…. I am the 2nd of three beautiful daughters. Yes! I know I am calling myself beautiful and that is because I really am. Have you seen me? lol! I am joking or not. I am actually beautiful and so are you.

I have a great family and I have the cutest niece ever. I have pretty amazing friends and I don’t have a lot of people I’m close to because I am one of those people that believe you don’t need too many friends. You just need the right friends because friends matter a lot. So I look for God-fearing people with beautiful minds and wonderful character with a positive attitude to life. People that will always tell me the truth and help push me when I can’t do it.

I love reading. I have been doing that from a much younger age. By the way, toilet is one of the best places to read and write. You are welcome *wink*. Then I started writing and I started falling in love with it because of the power a pen has. Writing has the power to change things and it can be an escape route. You could give someone hope and you could bring someone down through your write-ups. It has the power to evoke very powerful emotions. So I kept writing even when it didn’t make sense and I discovered most of my write-ups were inspirational articles. That’s because of my interest in helping people to believe in themselves and in their power to lead their lives successfully.

About the blog name, Mateyscott. Matey is a nickname I had since secondary school. My favourite among the few and Scott is a name I got from my favourite Tv show personality at the time, Haley James Scott of 1 tree hill. That series did a lot in shaping my life. So Mateyscott blog was born as I decided to let my writing touch someone’s life as it is touching mine.

Mayowa loves dancing, atimes shamelessly doing it on the road though she is a terrible dancer. She enjoys cooking and can’t stand dirt (at a point, people thought she had OCD because of her excessive cleaning. Some still think she does but she is convinced she doesn’t). She is in love with her niece and has her book; it’s your life to lead dedicated to her. She has a working relationship with God and tries to live right by him even though she falls off the wagon a lot but for His grace and mercy. She is excited about this journey with you and is sure she will interact with a lot of people with beautiful minds. She likes shopping and is a simple dresser. She is passionate about people and believes this blog is one of the forums she can use to create a positive change. She is confused about what she really wants to do in the future as she has too many crazy dreams but she is deciding to be careless in God’s care knowing he will take her where he really wants her to go.

So that’s Mayowa. I’m sure we will know more about each other as time goes by.

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