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Canterbury is a beautiful city. It is a historical city with a lot of medieval buildings and structures still standing and one of them is the famous Canterbury cathedral. She gets a lot of tourists, in fact not a lot of people come to Canterbury without visiting the famous Canterbury Cathedral. I heard the Cathedral is really beautiful. It is often regarded as an architectural masterpiece with striking aesthetic qualities coupled with its prime location which puts it in a vantage point from which it’s towers can be seen from virtually many points in the city. From what I have heard, it is indeed a sight to behold. I keep saying ‘from what I’ve heard’ because I have never been to the Cathedral and I have lived in Canterbury for more than a year now. ‘Why do I have to rush to go and see it, it’s always going to be there,’ is something I tell myself a lot. I can always go and see the Cathedral whenever I want, after all I live in the green city where it is situated.

How many times do you tell yourself that thing or person will always be there?

green cant

I lived in Manchester for two years and fell in love with Manchester almost immediately I left Nigeria for her. The question I got the most when I was leaving Nigeria for Manchester was ‘are you going there because of the team?’ and I would politely say no. But my mind was more like, ‘what is my business with the team. Who cares about the team?’, but the famous Manchester United’s Stadium was at least going to physically receive me even if it’s just once.

I lived in Cavendish which was not so far from old Trafford. I lived in the same building with guys that were crazy about Manchester United and I often wondered if one of the strongest motivations for them coming to Manchester was the team. Football does have a strong force on its lovers, just the same way apple has dipped it’s users into a strong pot filled with love potion. No wonder many go crazy when a new Iphone comes out and they drop their old one(s).

I remember one time when the guys were feeling generous. Really generous, you see as they offered to buy uninterested girls tickets to go watch one of the games at Old Trafford. But going to see a movie seemed more appealing. Now that I look back, I wish we did take the ticket. It was a once in a life time opportunity from those guys and we missed it. People would go crazy whenever there was a match. That was the worst time to take a cab because the traffic would be congested and the meter keeps reading, regardless of the fact that you aren’t in motion. You suddenly feel sweat breaking from your face when you look out how much you have to pay, and you aren’t even close to home. It was also the worst time to waltz into Central Manchester hoping to get a hotel room, which you have not already reserved. I know because we experienced it once when my friend’s dad came and it was a struggle to book a room for him at the hotel. Two years in Manchester and some visits after I left the place, but the stadium at Old Trafford never accommodated my presence.

Why? Because it was always going to be there. I could visit it at any time I wanted, after all, I lived there.

I see myself repeating the same pattern and God forbid I spend three years in Canterbury without visiting the famous place many pay to come and see.

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The point of my epistle is that you don’t take things for granted. Don’t take your gifts, talents or whatever it is for granted. A lot of us take it for granted so much that other people see our worth and how much our art and gifts have touched them, but we don’t. We are blind, so blind that we start thinking about how to stop putting our art to work and burying our gifts. God forbid someone sees you and believes in you more than you do yourself.

It is the same way we have to appreciate our family, friends and those that are always there. One funny thing that we do is that we get so used to something that we no longer see its beauty or appreciate its existence. It’s the same way we get so used to someone that we forget that others see them as treasure that should never be taken for granted.

I implore you folks, start appreciating yourself and the people you call family (that’s friends inclusive). Stop taking the gift God has given that pastor or brother or sister that always preaches for granted because you hear it a lot. Danger looms when that happens as it’s only God that lasts forever and we can be here today and gone tomorrow. So also are your gifts/talents that you don’t see and appreciate. The blinder you are to it, the more hidden and useless it becomes to you.

In light of this, I want to say a very big THANK YOU for being a consistent and regular reader of this blog. You make me want to do more. Believe me when I say your visits and subscriptions are not taken for granted. And if you’re new here, you can subscribe and get the articles directly in your mail. Trust me, it’ll be worth your time.

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I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day yesterday. I am so ready to hear stories about how your day went. You can share it with me in the comment box

Do have a lovely week ahead loves and lovingly come back here (and direct somewhere here) during the week.

Much love,


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  • Mobolaji
    February 15, 2016

    Oh Mayowa! This was needed!

    I can use drawing as an example. I love drawing cartoon characters, but I haven’t done that in months! Because I believe it’d always be there whenever I’m ready.

    Now, there’s this picture in my head. What if one day I bring out my pencil and eraser, and want to duplicate a character I watched or loved, only for me to find out I can no longer draw!
    Mahn, I’d be too heartbroken o. Honestly, the thought of it actually makes my heart heavy right now.
    Worse, we do this with friends, family, etc.

    God help us to know that it’s not every time that things and people will always be there.

    Stay blessed!

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