Another lesson from Shikemi.

It is a known fact on this blog that I am in love with my niece, Oluwashikemi. If this is your first time opening this blog or actually reading something on this blog, I am very glad to have you here. I do hope you stay and become part of this family. I am also glad to announce to you that I love my niece. Sometimes, I think I love her too much, but I don’t really think I care. She is a great child who always manages to teach me a lesson or two when I am with her. I am going to share the latest lesson I learnt from her with you.

Oluwashikemi is a rather playful child. As carefree as children her age should be and so full of life. She does not like to be caged and from when she was just a baby learning how to crawl, she has fought against being caged, often times using her cuteness to get out of whatever represents a cage to her. Through her, I have learnt about determination in a deeper way and have been encouraged to be more childlike, especially in relation to how I trust God. Shikemi recently thought me about forgiveness and I didn’t actually realize it until some weeks back when I sat back, reminiscing about my time with her.

The dry cleaner had brought some clothes to their house. Pelumi, Shikemi’s mum was going to take the dry cleaned clothes which were in the sitting room to her room. Shikemi who is ever willing to help saw her mum struggling to get all the clothes and decided to help her with some. Instead of Shikemi taking it to the room as her mum instructed, she decided to play with the clothes. She did not yield to my voice or that of her mum when we told her to leave the clothes be after failed attempts at getting her to take it to the room.

Lk, her dad came to the room and got disturbed by Shikemi who refused to let him sit as she felt the clothes deserved the seat where her dad wanted to stay. She kept disturbing him and before long, he lost a bit of patience and decided to ‘cage’ her by hugging her tightly. I already told you that Shiky hates being caged and as much as she loves hugging people (she can hug for Africa and tell you I love you till you are tired), she does not like over extended hug that’s starting to impede on her freedom. Such was the type her dad was giving her. It didn’t take long before she started to cry. Her dad released her and she walked away from him, saying she won’t talk to him again. She was calmed down, but refused to be touched or spoken to by her dad who had clearly hurt her feelings. Before calling Jack Robinson (as my mother famously says), Shikemi was talking to and playing with her dad again. It was nothing at the time, but when I was reminiscing about my time with her, I realized it was something.

It was forgiveness that came easily and one might excuse it to the fact that she is a child, but yet I know children that are not so forgiving. Why not adopt the same attitude and learn to forgive easily even when it hurts to?

She didn’t forgive him immediately as she didn’t start talking to him immediately. I actually love the fact that she acknowledged that he hurt her and that’s why she moved away from him at first, but it didn’t take time for her to get over it.

Get over it love. No matter what that thing is and how painful it is, get over it and free yourself. Unforgiveness is a bitter pill that makes us ugly and uncomfortable. I am not saying you should act blind to the fact that he or she really hurt you. I am not saying you should let that person (s) back into the space s/he occupied in your heart. All I am really saying is, let go easily and quickly… for your own sake. Let your heart be at peace with the person (s) even if it might not be so trusting. You can choose to talk to the person (s) about the hurt if you can, then reject this bitter pill of unforgiveness and free your heart. You will discover the air you will breathe will be fresher and your sleep will be more like that of a tired child.

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    September 19, 2016

    I don’t think it’s possible to get enough lessons on forgiveness. It’s central to the Christian faith- I think. From a legal perspective, our lives depend on it- the Lord’s Prayer says, ‘Forgive us our errors as we have forgiven those who erred against us!

    Jokes aside, forgiveness is both a spiritual and practical necessity. It frees us and lightens our burden. Yet, man’s fleshy aspect makes it very tough. From experience I think it requires conscious effort and grace- one needs to take conscious steps to forgive as well as continually ask God for the enabling strength.

    Thanks for the reminder and do give the little teacher a hug on my behalf.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 21, 2016

      Thank you so much. yes,we can never have enough lessons about forgiveness.

      I will give her a virtual hug on your behalf.

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