Beginning of the end

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Hey! it’s Mayowa. This is something (I don’t know if i can call it a poem) i wrote earlier this year when i was trying my hand on the whole poem thing. Do enjoy and use the comment box to tell me what you think about it. Also, share and if you haven’t liked our page on facebook, please like it. Gracias!
“It will get better, I promise. Things will change soon. Just stay.”,

I remember my father saying to you when I was ten.

I remember you slamming the door.

I remember you leaving my siblings and I alone without even kissing us goodbye.

I remember Toni who was only four at the time asking father where ‘mummy is’

I remember my father telling her you travelled and you would soon be back.

I remember my father bathing us though he didn’t really know how to at first.

The slammed door signified the beginning of the end.


I remember my paternal grandma blaming my dad,

I remember her telling him she warned him

“I told you not to marry that girl. But, you wouldn’t listen. Your mother’s mouth was smelling. Now, she has left you to cater for three children all by yourself.”

I remember seeing my father cry though he was a strong man.

I remember my father being ridiculed and laughed at

“A man that cannot keep his wife is not man enough”, people would tell him.

I remember my father not caring,

I remember him being at every school event, him never making us feel motherless.

The slammed door signified the beginning of the end.


I remember daddy getting a good job

I remember us moving to an expensive house in Lekki

I remember daddy telling his mum he would never re-marry,

So no one will maltreat his children

I remember the pride in daddy’s eyes when I graduated with a first class from University

I remember daddy personally taking Toni and Kayode shopping

I remember daddy being there to calm Toni down whenever she threw tantrums.

The slammed door signified the beginning of the end.


I remember daddy meeting my Husband now, then boyfriend

I remember him questioning him rigorously as if he had asked for my hand in marriage

I remember daddy giving Toni and I relationship advice

I remember him giving us ‘purity rings’ so we would keep ourselves till marriage

I remember his shock and anger when Kayode got a girl pregnant

I remember him making Kayode take responsibility for his actions

I remember him taking us to church and instilling the fear of God in us

I remember him telling us ‘she loves you so much’

The slammed door signified the beginning of the end.


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