Being in choir was so hard

Good morning beautiful people. How are you all doing on this cold Monday morning? I hope you had a good enough weekend to make-up for today, Monday. Determine to have a good week and more especially, determine to do something that will bring you closer to achieving your life goals this week.


Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it’s business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you can’t give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You’ll be an old man before you know it.” ~ Al lopez

I joined the choir in my church. Yes, Mayowa can sing and can actually sing well. Well, I like to believe I can so keep your opinion to yourself if you think otherwise :P. Anyway, on my first day there, I was sitting beside a particular babe who asked me if I sing *alto* or soprano. I told her I wasn’t sure (Errr… I know if you are a really good singer, you should know which one you belong to but it doesn’t mean I am not a good singer. After all, they didn’t politely ask me to leave). She heard me sing when we were singing and concluded I was in alto. So I stayed in alto.

I struggled and as a result, wanted to leave the choir. But, I couldn’t leave because I wanted to prove some bad belle (Itoro) who believed I wouldn’t even last a week wrong. So I was going to do this and succeed in it. That didn’t stop me from struggling.

“You are singing soprano’s side”, I was told more than once during practice by my alto counterparts but, I still stayed in Alto and although I would get it at the end of the day, I struggled. Then the choir director heard my voice and sent me straight away to soprano. I was going to miss my alto people but, I had to go.

The point of the epistle is…

Life is very similar.

I didn’t have to struggle singing in Soprano. In fact, I enjoyed it because that’s the natural strength of my voice.

It’s important you know your strengths and weaknesses so people will not use them against you and also, for you to lead a successful life. You have to know you; your capabilities amongst others. For you to really know yourself and go further in life, you have to go on a journey of self-discovery. If you must, you have to lock yourself in a room (well not literally or it can be actually) and… being in choir 5

What do I like doing?
What am I naturally good at?
If I do this stuff, will I be happy?
What can I do that even if I don’t get paid for, I will still enjoy doing it?
What do I really want out of life? (I’m not talking about money. Everyone wants to be rich).

being in choir 4There are many more questions you can ask yourself but those are the ones I can think of at the moment. You have to develop your natural talents and actually go into a field that you are naturally good at so you won’t struggle unnecessarily.

I did sciences in secondary school because it was really cool to be a science student. Science students were considered smart and serious and I felt it will be really cool to belong in that category. I was going to be a lawyer but down the road, I developed interest in the eye and was actually going to study ophthalmology. So it’s not like I didn’t have a good reason for being a science student. I didn’t exactly struggle (I really struggled for chemistry) but I wasn’t as good as I knew I could be if I was studying something in the category of social science and arts. Although I had considerably good results, I knew I had to get out and I did that after secondary school.

Guess what?

I didn’t and don’t have to struggle now because I’m doing something that I’m naturally good at. I’m just wondering: if I actually ended up studying medicine, my real talents would have been buried and I would have struggled and might have been miserable.

being in choir 3So darlings, do what you love and are naturally good at. Success and happiness will come to you more easily than if you are doing something you are not really good at. Don’t say because your friend or your sibling is studying medicine, you will also be good at it. The person might be successful in that field because he/she is naturally good at it. So the person won’t struggle as much as you will if you go down that path because you see the person’s success. We are not all meant to do the same thing. Parents and potential parents, it’s important that you don’t force your children into a world of work they will literally be miserable in because you feel that’s what’s good for them. If they have no flare for it, you are most likely wasting your time. Teenagers, it’s also important you have a good enough plan for your life and you are courageous and determined enough to do what you really love so your parents won’t have to impose something on you.

being in choir 2I am not saying if you are currently struggling at your place of work or with your studies, it’s because you are doing something you don’t love or are not naturally inclined to do. What I’m really saying is, you should discover your talents and develop it and make sure you are doing what you are really good at so you can give your best without struggling. If you are confused or you feel you are on the wrong path, it’s not too late to turn back and you can always talk to someone, pray and even do work experience in the field you are planning on going into so you can really be sure and make a good enough decision early.

Have a beautiful week my darlings and May you lead your life successfully.

Don’t forget… being in choir
  • Oyindamola
    September 9, 2014

    Yeah, yeah, my sis can sing or nah. Lol, you actually were quite devoted to it(choir) -except for the countless times you missed practice- but you tried. And yes, it’s all about the finding what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 10, 2014

      Not can sing or nah! It should be MY SISTER CANNN SINGGG!!! I did not miss practice voluntarily young lady, but yes, you hvae to enjoy what you are doing. Only then can you really give it your best. The way you give dancing to noise your best 😛

      • Oyindamola
        September 10, 2014

        My music is not noise ma, it is cause you can’t dance! :p

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