Beyond Understanding!

I have tried to understand God and I have failed woefully at doing that. I like to explain most things because I believe there is an explanation for most things (well, I sometimes can’t explain or understand my emotions and I have stubbornly learnt to be just fine with that), but when it comes to God, I really cannot understand or explain Him. When I first started understanding my decision to believe in a supreme being, I struggled with believing him whole heartedly because the concept of God did and still doesn’t make sense. How can someone create everyone and not be created by anyone? How can someone make this world, this fascinating world in three days? How can someone be so strong that every other person relies on Him (we all do whether or not you like to admit it)?

The concept of a being with a necessary existence just did not make sense and I tried to explain it; it just has to be logical, but over the years, I have discovered and as my relationship with Him grows, I am still discovering that He just defiles logic and that’s fine. I should not try to understand Him because like Benny Hinn once said, “All the preachers in the world cannot explain or understand God”. He is that amazing. I have learnt to relinquish my need for understanding to Him but there are still times I want, I need explanations. One of those times was last week Friday.

I attend a student fellowship in school. It’s really nice and amazing seeing how some people are living for God and letting His light shine through them. I especially admire Dara Adeneken’s courage (I mean my girl was at a club talking to people about God. A friend of mine said: ‘That’s sad’ but that is a rare courage found in our generation). The fellowship is something I look forward to because there is just something about having fellow students (most are law students) sharing their faith and marveling in God’s presence. Last week Friday, we were praying and one of the guys there had a revelation or prophecy (I really don’t know what to call it) and he told me: “God said he would remove the discomfort I was feeling” or something along that line. Everyone proceeded to pray and I was just sitting there, thinking ‘What just happened? What is he talking about?’ but I did not voice out my thought. It disturbed me for the remaining time we were at the fellowship cause I was trying to wrack my brain; I couldn’t think of any discomfort I was feeling, rather, it’s the other round. I have been on a roller coaster of comfort and pure peace, so I couldn’t understand why he would say that to me. My friend and I left the fellowship and I downloaded my thoughts to her with a bit of irritation.

She told me maybe the guy is talking about a future discomfort I might feel and I should just pray about it. I walked back to my place, promising myself that I wouldn’t think about it, but that was exactly what I did throughout. I was trying to understand why he said that and when I couldn’t think of a reason, I was angry. I have never been one to believe when people say ‘God said’ concerning this person. Even if it is coming from my pastor (It’s an area of disbelief I am seriously praying to God to help me with). So I was wondering and I am still wondering why I believed him enough to think so much about what he said. Maybe because he said immediately I entered the room, he sensed something in his spirit. I spoke to my mum about it and my mum said almost the same thing as my friend and also told me that not everyone that say God told them something actually heard from God. There are false prophets whom Jesus himself told us to be careful of, but at the same time, he might have heard and just because I cannot explain it doesn’t mean he did not hear God speak. She told me to pray about it and just ask God to help me understand.

I always tell people to know God for themselves. Your faith or relationship with God must not depend on your pastor because your pastor is fallible. If I don’t know God for me, I might be so scared, running to one pastor or the other in a bid to understand what the guy said. But I know I have a direct access to God through Jesus and I am not a second-class citizen, so I can talk to him and allow the Holy Spirit help me. I don’t even know what this whole article is about, but I just want you guys to know you don’t have to have an explanation for everything, especially when it comes to God. Ask the Holy Spirit for understanding and know secret things not revealed to the world can be revealed to you because you have Jesus, but also know that there will be times God might say something you won’t understand and that is fine. God’s ways are not our ways and faith is us trusting God enough to walk in the supernatural realm. It always makes sense later even if it does not now because God never does anything without a reason and a plan.

Happy Valentine in advance guys! May all the guys that have spent their Vals Money because of Election be miraculously saved from their enraged girlfriends :*

  • frances
    February 15, 2015

    Lool at your prayer.
    Val has come and gone now, we can hear word.

    And yes, sometimes we don’t understand, but the essence of Christianity isn’t understanding..its having faith/trust in God.
    Without that, all else fails.
    Be discerning with prophecies, use your direct access to God but still when you don’t understand, pray, and trust in God, let it all go.
    All our thinking won’t bring explanations anyway. Just leave it in the hands of the God who knows all, cuz we don’t know anything at all sef.

    Happy sunday babes

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      February 15, 2015

      Happy Sunday darling! Abi o, Valentine day is over, we can hear word now.

      Yeah, you are right. faith is the bedrock of everything. Thanks babes

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