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More than ever before, I have been seeing the beauty of life and understanding why God put people around us. Relationships with people are very fundamental for a healthy living. I met someone with a soul and spirit I fell in love with… so quickly. He always talks about how everything in life is an investment. If he wants to spend time with someone, he knows he is investing in the person because the time he is spending with the person is a currency he won’t gain back. As a result, he is not in for meaningless gatherings that will add nothing to him. Neither is he in for doing things that won’t add anything to his purpose. I never argued with him, but I kind of struggled with the fact that he said he was investing in people. I felt it was too extreme, but when I later thought about it, I discovered it’s also what I do. Although I do not term it as investment, I have gotten to that stage in my life where time is of the essence and I find it stupid to waste it on things that won’t advance me (I still lose time to laziness). I also find it difficult to spend my time with people that are adding nothing to my life. True! Whether or not we like it, a lot of things that we are doing are investments. So I’m going to talk to you about making investments. Stick with me and allow me share my thoughts with you…

I like people that think beyond now. People that know whatever they are doing is a seed they are sowing for the future. When you buy a land, you are investing even if you don’t build anything on the land (you will have to do something with the land at some point). Years later, the land will appreciate regardless of how bad the economy is and you will make your gain if you decide to sell it. You will actually get far more than the amount you used to buy the land or build a structure on the land. Darling, it is the same with humans.

Everyone! I mean EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON has something (s) they are dealing with. Even the ones that seem to have it all together. Trust me, even the rich cry. It might not be the same thing as what the ‘poor’ is crying about, but God is a fair God. No one is exempted from a pin that pricks. So yeah, you are dealing with your issues, she is dealing with her issues and the world just seems unfair. It seems like you are the only one dealing with issues especially when you don’t know the other person’s issues. But as difficult as this will be, I want you and I to look beyond our issues because people need that smile on our face.  People need the helping hand we can offer. People need the hug that we can give.

I have noticed I have really started telling you on this blog that You Matter. And that’s just the plain truth. YOU. MATTER! WHAT. YOU. DO. MATTERS! So please, look beyond you. Beyond your pain. Beyond your imperfections. Look beyond you and do more; be more because someone needs your more.  I learnt from reading Abbey’s poem on more that there is always more to us and more in us. We just have to reach to the deepest parts of our hearts and souls to identify the more that we might have pushed away because of pain, failure, disappointments and the likes. You are always to give your best no matter how many times you fail. You owe yourself the best and you owe the people that will benefit from you the best. It’s important because your best will open the door for others to identify and activate the more in them.

I learnt from ‘The purpose driven life’ by Rick Warren that everything we do is significant to God. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. If we compare it to all the tests, courseworks, projects that we had (have) to do in school, every single one of them added up at the end of the day. A particular one might have been the one that saved us from having a low grade in a course. It’s the same way all the things we do in life, for ourselves and for others add up at the end of the day. The acts of kindness, love, giving, compassion that you give to others is a baton. A baton that will pass around and go beyond you, go beyond where you are. When you plant a smile, love, an act of kindness in the life of someone though you evidently have things working against you, you will give the person the courage to see there is more beyond their own pain too and the person passes on the baton. The blessings, many blessings that have been acquired by passing round this baton will come back to you. And when it does, you will notice unexplainable returns on the investments you didn’t even know you were making.

No one helped kickstart your story is never an excuse for you not to kickstart the story of another. Help someone write his/her story. Help someone rewrite his/her story. God never overlooks all those little acts. This message is for me as much as it is for you. The truth is, looking and acting beyond you helps you see things you never saw about yourself. Do it for your future and future generation. The things you do will always come back to you.

Have a great week ahead awesome readers. Much love!

P;S: Ten days at Shiloh has started at my church, lighthouse International Christian Centre, Samonda Ibadan, Nigeria. And it has been GLORIOUS!!! I have been really blessed. I just want to implore you to please try your possible best to attend atleast one of these ten days if you are in Ibadan. And for folks that are not, you can join our online service and watch live here.

Bless your hearts darlings!

  • abey
    August 31, 2015

    Awesome,we have to let our trees grow,extending in branches and in roots so there can be shade to rest under for others and our roots can grow so deep into the soil the earth fills it’s impact/presence…you’re amazing matey,God bless!

  • abey
    August 31, 2015


  • mayowa
    August 31, 2015

    You are very amazing too Abbey. I bless God that I met an amazing poet. Your poem on more really inspired this. That poem spoke to me on a deep level.

    Yes boo. I totally agree with you. I believe my life is not for me alone. It’s for all the people that have to get blessed through my life. God bless you darling. You totally rock.

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