Chill Out!

On Friday, I was stuck in traffic twice in the day. Once, I can take, but twice within the space of about 4 hours, I cannot take. It was a long day, I just wanted to go home to rest for a bit before going out to dinner with my stalkers (Kamso, Juella and Simbiat) but, the traffic mocked me as it dragged on for so long.

‘This traffic makes me feel like I’m in Lagos,’ Yvonne who was seated beside me said to me and I concurred. At that point, there was minimal difference between the beautifully diverse city of Lagos and the beautifully green city of Canterbury. A journey of approximately fifteen minutes was taking me about forty- five minutes; so yes, I concurred with Yvonne. I picked up my phone to text the girls that I was stuck in traffic and I would just meet them at the restaurant. While trying to do this, my thought process was interrupted by Yvonne who asked rather excitedly if I have recently looked at pictures of myself in first year of University. I answered no.

‘I looked at mine recently. Mayowa, the growth is glaring. The thing is you might not realize how much you have grown if you don’t look at pictures from then’. I looked at her and smiled, ‘You just might have given me a new article for my blog,’ I said to her as I picked up my phone again to text the girls. My attempt was successful this time. I got out of traffic and was not disappointed by Villagio, the newly opened Italian restaurant that we dined at.

Yvonne was very right. Sometimes, we don’t know just how much we have grown. So darlings, I’m basically writing to tell you to CHILL OUT.

Life is constantly in motion and that means we are too. There are many mountains we want to climb and many things that get added to the list of things we want/have to do. It seems like the journey is never ending. You finish one race and voluntarily or involuntarily, life makes you start another race. It can be hard to chill out, to breathe and look back at where we were and where we are now. It’s especially hard for goal getters who feel time is not on their side and who are constantly in a hurry to get the next thing going.

Breathe! Sometimes, it’s the medicine you don’t think you need.

I had to go to the post office on Saturday. I took the bus when I was going but still had to walk some distance. However, when I was coming back, I knew there would be no point of getting a bus ‘cause I would have had to wait for long; I decided to walk. The walk looked long, but I started it and when I was getting tired, I stopped to breathe. I looked at the distance I had covered and felt proud of myself. It also encouraged me to keep walking.  Maybe you should also look back, see how much progress you have made, how much you have grown and give yourself a pat on the back.

Your growth matters. Don’t ever underestimate it because of how much distance you still have to cover. And hey, tend to your garden. Don’t measure your level of growth by that of another. Believe it or not, we are all running a different race even if it seems and feels similar. It will only be similar if you abandon your garden for that of another. But no matter how similar it would be, it still won’t be your garden.

Dear beautiful reader, appreciate your progress.  Don’t be blind to how much you have grown because you are too concerned with growing. Breathe. Chill out and renew your strength for the journey ahead.

Have a good week my loves!


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