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I am a firsthand witness to how continuous haphazard dumping of clothes and objects around a room affects people and I have refused to subject myself to such torture. I call it torture because the day they finally decide to stop putting off cleaning and actually clean, they usually don’t know where to start because everything is just all over the place. I have heard of some people who just gave up and continued living in the pile, while adding more to the heap. Following this line of thought, I stumbled upon the fact that I might be guilty of the same offence, maybe not in terms of cleanliness, but for other things. So I’m going to address my issue with the hope that I am talking to someone like me.

I have learnt that it is always better to do what you are meant to do at the right time. The right time here really means as soon as you can. There will never be a right time to do things. Never! So don’t pile it up. I am sure a lot of us know laziness and procrastination are rodents that appear small, but cause bigger issues that doesn’t only affect us, but affects others too because we are interconnected. Our purposes are intertwined, no man is an island. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today (I think Solomon in the bible told us something similar when he said we shouldn’t tell a brother to go and come back tomorrow when we can help him today).

‘I will do this in some hours or tomorrow’ is an excuse that will not only affect now, but will also affect tomorrow because most times we don’t end up doing it until much later. You know I always say you matter and everything you do matters. Your life is not only for you. It’s also for others who are meant to find expression through your life. If you don’t write that article/story/poem or whatever it is now, start that project and so on, your influence won’t be there for others to tap into. If you don’t sing that song, your voice won’t be heard for others to find their voices through. Your life won’t be transcending beyond you. Please remember we are interconnected and when you are not doing your part, you slow down another person that you might never come across.

Some time back, I was on a bus trying hard not to listen to the conversation a girl at my back was having with the guy that was seated next to her, but my noise cancellation skills were no match for her loud speech. She was talking about how her boyfriend did something and she didn’t want to confront him about it. So she said ‘I just avoid everything’. I thought to myself that it’s the way I and a lot of people avoid things thinking it will make it go away. Darlings, don’t let your relationship with people, especially the people that mean a lot to you become a clutter. Settle issues you have immediately before they become too tangled that it would take years to separate the pieces and work on them individually. The truth is we will always offend one another because you are not me and I am not you. So I don’t expect us to see the picture of a rabbit in the same way, you might call it a ferret or a mouse. We always have to find a way to come to a common ground so it won’t be the end of our relationships.

Don’t let it become a clutter before you start fixing it. Clutters are never easy to deal with and when not dealt with, they can cause irrevocable damage.

Have a good week precious souls. Don’t let cobwebs build up before you start clearing them.


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