Coffee and God.

One of my weaknesses is coffee. I would sometimes take coffee, especially Cappuccino, not because I need it but because I absolutely love the smell and taste of fresh coffee. I find it refreshing in a weird way and the bitter taste of coffee (I prefer it with little cream and without sugar) just makes me happy. Café Nero decided to feed my bad habit by opening a branch on Campus. I already `frequented the place a lot before a branch was opened on campus, but bringing a branch to school just escalated how much I frequented Café Nero. Sometimes, I would promise myself that I wouldn’t go there, but I find myself going there like my will power is no longer existent.

There was a day that I was sure my relationship with Café Nero would be terminated or at least reduced to the bare minimum. I went to get Cappuccino from one of their branches in the city centre. The queue was not so long and before long, a young man asked for my order. I thought, right, in the next five minutes or less, I should be out of here and won’t miss the bus I was meant to take to school. But no! This guy was busy trying to multi task, he had my coffee partially made and was making two other coffee for other people at the same time. Two people behind me gave their orders to another attendant and they each walked out with their coffee before me. I was getting furious. The guy finally gave me my coffee (gave the other people theirs’ too) and didn’t bother to apologise for the delay.

To make matters worse, the large coffee I ordered was smaller than it usually is and was more like small coffee. That really pissed me off and I went home furious. On my way home, I promised myself that I was done with Café Nero. Maybe I would transfer my love to Costa and might even manage Starbucks, but I was done with Café Nero, all of Café Nero. I was just done and I made it very clear to Simbiat when I got home. She knew Café Nero meant a lot to me and tried to feign concern.

I sang ‘I put a spell on you’ by Nina Simone as I walked into the Café Nero in school less than a week that I promised to never go there again. As I drank the cappuccino I bought that day, I gave up. Café Nero has put a spell on me and I’m not so sure I mind. My love for the coffee is stronger than the less than good service I received that day. I was willing to excuse and even forgive the attendant’s behaviour because my love for the coffee is stronger.

Now, where am I going with this story I just told you?

I like to relate many of my experiences to my relationship with God and I find out that I often get unforgettable lessons from doing that. This experience made me remember God. It made me remember how his love for me is so solid that nothing I do can take it away. Why?

Because his love is independent of me. It’s his nature and he is not going to let go of his nature for anything.

Then I thought of my love for God.

How strong is it?

How independent is it from what people, especially Christians do to me?

If a church member is mean to me, for example, would my relationship with God be independent of that or I would stop going to church because of that?

If I make a request to God and I don’t get it, would it put a dent in my relationship with God or my relationship with him is about him, and not what I can get from him?

I asked myself again, Is God worth fighting for?

If I can excuse the attendant’s service because of my love for the coffee, then how much more should I excuse people’s behaviour and forgive them because of my love for God and the importance of my relationship with him. That in whatever situation I’m in, I make it about GOD.

So, in this season of Christmas, we are actively and universally reminded once again about the birth of Jesus, the greatest lover there can ever be. I hope we fight for him just as he daily fights for us. And we love him independently of anything, just as he loves us.

Have a Merry Christmas amazing readers.


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