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How I have missed blogging and just leaving something for you guys to enjoy reading. Well, I’m back now. I bet you all are happy, holiday season is drawing nigh and CHRISTMAS is just round the corner. I can feel it guys, this Christmas will be an unforgettable one in a good way. 
My amazingly brilliant younger sister, enjoys writing and sent some of her write-ups to me, but I didn’t have time to post them. They will be going up now, starting with this short story/poem/article written by her. Enjoy reading my darlings and have a good weekend!

I am meant for you and you for me. Can’t you see? We fit so well like pieces in a puzzle. We make no sense apart, but together,  baby, we’re an invincible force.  Remember that. Don’t go without me and I won’t go without you.

A smile, a tear, a laugh, some laughs, dances; all of these I want to share with you, no one else. Friction. Heat me up. Flattening all my pains pyroclastically. A kiss, a hug, some time together. I don’t mind. As far as we’re integrated,  we can never be differentiated.

Say it to me, say you love me. I’ll keep moving on with you right by my side or by my rear view mirror. Whichever it may be, my path is that much clearer. Those dimples, that grin, melting me. You are the only one. Mon chèr,  ionically bonding all the way. I never want to five you back this valence electron, I’ll keep it forever.

North poles and south poles connecting. Never antagonistic, always together.  A pivot joint that can never be moved. We reach equilibrium,  no excess below or above.  Our love deflating everyday. Understand, I am a function of you and you are of me. The perfect combination without any other permutations.  Vectors in the same direction, a shared magnitude. Not at all congruent but bound forever.

Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun.

P,S: This write-up is her way of depicting her love for sciences.

  • Toyole
    December 13, 2014

    Hehe! So nerdily cute! Lol I love this! I love the way she used terms from chemistry and maths and others! So cool
    Lol does this make me a nerd?

    • oyinda
      December 31, 2014

      Yass, thanks. Lol

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