Come At Me!

Come at me!!!

Challenges, take a go at me.

I am ready.

I am stronger.

I have the courage to Lead My Life.

I am ready to be teachable and I know there will be a lot to learn from you


I might cry.

Wait, did I say might?

I will cry when your weight is getting too much for my shoulders,

I will scream and wonder what I was thinking when I invited you to come at me.

I will want to give up,

But I won’t.

Because I am stubborn,

Because I know you don’t need my permission to come at me,

Because I like my privacy and I will fight you,

Fight you with everything I am.

I know my fight will be strong on some days,

And other days, I might just throw in the towel and watch you mock me.

But I won’t give up.

I will learn.


I will learn to accept you as an inevitable part of my existence on Earth.

I will learn that through you, I can become stronger.

I will learn to make my own dance steps from you.

I will learn to laugh after I have cried because of you.

I will learn to spread my wings and fly above your turbulence.

I will learn to see God in you and that will make me know that you are no match,

Not for me, but for God.

You are no match for my pinnacle.

I will learn.


I will learn to have a clearer vision and see the opportunities you present.

I will learn to open my eyes less, and open my heart more.

I will learn to have enough courage to seize the opportunities that you will present.

I will learn to be wiser because I will learn lessons from you.

I will learn to choose the right people to journey with because no one surmounts high mountains alone,

Because no one accomplishes the right things by journeying with the wrong people.

I will learn that vulnerability is beautiful because you will make me vulnerable, a lot.

I will learn to love more and allow myself to be loved and seen.

I will learn.


I will learn to treat people with kindness because I know you are a universal phenomenon,

We all face challenges; though the magnitude might vary, and seasons, different.

Because of you, I will know to treat people better,

to willingly offer smiles and prayers to family, friends and strangers, all trying to make sense of this world.

I will learn to fear the unknown less because you will come at me many times in the year,

With different blows and at different times,

But somehow, you will push my inner strength out more.

You will make me trust more.

You will make me appreciate the beauty and ugliness in life more.

You will make me understand that your force might make me lose my balance, but it doesn’t mean I am defeated.

You will make me consciously remember that I am strong enough and the force of your fight should never make me forget that,

Because I will only be defeated once I forget that I can always get back up,

no matter how hard you hit me.

You will make me understand that there is no need to fear the unknown,

It’s the unknown that should fear hitting me.

Because no matter what, I am not alone and I will always get back up,

Because I will learn to take a shot with the balls life throws at me, even if I do it with tears streaming down my face.

You will teach me all these.

Here I am, ready to learn.

So, come at me,

Give me your best shot.



Happy New Year Great People. I hope we have been having a good one so far. Kindly share this post. Let’s encourage others. 2017 is going to be a great year. We have to believe it and work towards it been great for us.

Have a good week.


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