Conquer Yourself then Conquer the World.

I believe Oyinda is so familiar to us on this blog. She doesn’t need any further introduction. But for those joining us for the first time, Oyindamola is my 15 year old sister who is just too amazing. She has contributed to this blog many times and will still contribute a lot more. For now, kindly read and be inspired by this piece, as Our Stories series continues.

Have a great weekend beautiful souls. Looking forward to having you back here on Monday 🙂


For some time now, I have been hearing God call me to service in church and that call has been extremely persistent. The flesh in me tried to find as many reasons as possible why I couldn’t possibly do it; I am mostly in school as I am a boarder, therefore, my service would not be consistent, I wouldn’t even be able to go for training and stuff like that. I kept that aside and decided that nevertheless, I would serve, but then arose the issue of what I would do in order to stop warming the benches in church. I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to join the choir as it would be too stressful to be buying the designated outfits for their special programs which are usually held during the holidays that I am home. There were many other factors which I convinced myself would hinder me from serving in any other department in the church.

I got back to school and in the first church service I attended, I heard that call again, loud and clear. This God does not relent. In that moment, I decided to answer and stop waiting for the perfect time to serve because sincerely, there will never be a perfect time. Leaving all excuses aside, I went to the pastor after service and asked him the units that I could be active in as a boarding student. Out of the few he listed out, the ushering unit spoke out to me. Now, I am yet to  perform my duties as an usher, but I am extremely eager to do so next Sunday. My heart leaps for joy at the mere thought of it and I know a little of the kind of satisfaction one gets from doing God’s work.

This might seem like an irrelevant example to a few, but from this experience and others I’ve had in the past, I’ve realised that my biggest enemy is me. I am the person that will find all the possible hindrances for doing something. I am the one that will decide whether any mountain I come across is insurmountable or not. I am the only  person that can stop myself from doing that thing or from being great. I am not saying there will not be forces, storms and obstacles that will try to stop me, but what I am saying is I am the one who is going to decide to trust in the God in me and press on, fight till I accomplish that goal. For all of you struggling with one thing or the other, my simple advice for you is this: conquer yourself and then you can conquer the world, with God by your side of course.

Pauly D.O.

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  • Oyindamola
    March 19, 2016

    Thanks a lot Mayowa. I have started my duties as an usher by the way and it is one of most fulfilling experiences ever; working for the Lord.

  • Frances Okoro
    March 21, 2016

    God bless you Oyinda and continue to lift you up in Him.
    May your love for God never wax cold..may you continue to thrive in Him, in Jesus name, amen!

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