Cry of a heavy heart.

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This post is for the beautiful souls that do not see the way out of the deep waters threatening to overflow them. Perhaps this will encourage you and remind you of the fact that no matter what, God remains your present help in time of need.

Stay safe beautiful souls. Please pray for God’s peace and love to overshadow the world. Your prayer matters because your voice matters to God. Thank you.


When my heart is heavy
Heavy with worries
With anger
With pain
With how uncertain the future is
I will remember that you are God
That you are my father
That you are interested in every detail of my life

When I don’t see the way out of the deep water
My heart is buried in
And men have deserted me
When my weaknesses become glaring to me
And my failure taunts me
I will remember that you are God
And out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water
For you are my source
And you never run dry

When I want to give up
Throw in the towel and allow the
Devil and life keep punching me
When I don’t want to fight back
Because I feel I have already lost
I will remember that you are God
And you already won the battle on the cross
I will remember your peace that you said you
Will leave with me
I will remember your words to me
That in this world I will have tribulations
But I should be of good cheer
For you have overcome the world

When I want to cry
Not even caring if I’m in public
Because my heart is choked with fear
Of how you will do that which my heart pleas for
And I look at time
Time is not on my side
I will remember that you are God
And your ways are not my ways
You do not work with time
You do not bow to time
Time bows to you
I will remember that you told me
Not to let my faith rest in the wisdom of men
But in the power of God

When I feel I will be put to shame
And my yesterday will be better than my today
When my heart is leaning towards depression
And I wonder what people will say
I will remember that you are God
And you have told me to rejoice always in you
You have told me not to be anxious for nothing
But I should make my request known unto you
You have told me that your joy is my strength
You have promised me that my latter glory will be greater than my former glory
This is the victory that I have in Christ, even my faith

Though my heart is raging
Though my fears are thickening
Though my tears are increasing
Though my options are few
Though time is closing is in on me
Though I see no way out
I will trust in you
In the God of my salvation
David said it
He said since he was young,
He has never seen the righteous forsaken
Nor his seed beg for bread
I know it
The earth is the Lord
And the fullness thereof
I know the righteous will never be put to shame
I know I am an overcomer
I know you are in the midst of me and you will not cause my heart to suffer
I know you are the one capable of turning water to wine
And it didn’t take you time to do that
Because time bows at your command
So it will not take you time to turn
The situation of a man around

Yes! I will not forget who I am
I will not forget my father owns the thousand cattle on the hill
I will not forget I am a joint heir with Christ
And since everything belongs to Christ
My inheritance is large
I will not forget your faithfulness endures forever
And you daily load me with benefits
I will not forget those that put their trust in you
Will never be to shame
You believe in my father
Believe also in me
I believe in you
You are God and nothing changes that
When I bleed, you bleed
And you do not like bleeding
So I know help is coming
For I look to the north and to the south
Where does my help come from?
My help cometh from the Lord who made the heaven and the earth

  • Oreofe
    November 18, 2015

    Ah! This was beautiful! Just reading the promises of God over my life was a breakthrough in it’s own. I pray God will continue to use you.
    This was truly lovely!

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      November 19, 2015

      Hi Oreofe. I am so glad this spoke to you.

      Yes, the words of God are ye and Amen and though the grass faideth, the words of God stands forever. The promises of God will surely find fulfilment in our lives as long as we keep holding on to him.

      God bless you too. Thank you for reading and may God continue to use you as well.

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