Dear Daughter!

Beautiful People!!! How are you all doing? In case you guys don’t know, I know talented people and you are about to read a spoken word piece from one of them.

This is Jeannelle’s first time showing her talent here, so please show some love. She performed this and it was amazing.  You would still see a piece from her beautiful mind and the minds of other talented people in the series that will soon start on the blog. so watch this space and if you are yet to subscribe, this is the best time to.

Remain awesome loves and enjoy this piece.


Dear daughter,

When I call you beautiful, I see your heart

When he calls you beautiful, he sees your parts

Do not merge the two

I am a God who

Cannot be compared or likened

Because my love is so heightened

It is so deep, so wide, its endless

It is strong, its brave, its fear less


Dear daughter

I have given you a heart so strong

That at times when others do wrong

You blame yourself


It affects your spiritual health

When they hurt you

And you say you’re through

That deeply hurts me

To watch and see

My gift

Float adrift

When you’re done

And scream


I sigh

As you wait a reply

Not from me

But from another he

Come to me for rest

But you give yourself another test

Okay I’ll trust

As it turns to lust

Come to me for rest

And I begin to feel like a pest

So I’m silent

And you grow violent

God you said to love

Like you do from above

You said to try

And again I’m met with a lie

You scream I’m done

And you shut out another one


Dear daughter

Walk with me, you will not falter

I said to love

But only when instructed from above

Come into my presence

So that I may fill you with my essence

But you did not

And you allowed your heart to rot

Do not be ashamed

Pride is a thing to be tamed

You hate on men

Even when

I said love all

Be humble and still you stand tall

When I said I love

You should have

Asked me how

But you acted now

We are a team

Or so how it seemed

And before I knew

It became a thing of you

You against the world

The world that I held

That I saw

And you began to claw

Away at your heart

I felt your joy depart

Because you placed in man

Instead of me who can

Destroy, create

Change fate

Trust in me

But you trust in a he

I’m still near

Though you fear

I’ve left you to be

Its rather you left me

A hard heart isn’t what you need

For that is a sinful deed

If I speak, will you listen?

My words will cause you to glisten

And direct you

All to who

I’ve called you to be

Daughter listen to me

I gave you a heart

From which you must never depart

Though you may misuse it

Nothing else will fit

The space

You create


Love is joy

Not found in a boy

But in I who can

See how far you ran

To make it this far

Without a fancy car

To be so strong

Though many did you wrong

I see how much you want love

But I gave it, remember the dove?

Call on me

And you will see

That love is not in he

But in me

I will cause you to be

That epitome

When I call you beautiful, I see your heart

When he calls you beautiful, he sees your parts

Why do you believe the guy Who lies?

And ignore the God that tries

The God that is the truth

As you read in Ruth

You are my light

You are whats right

So please don’t dim

Just to please him

A world who sees

Flesh and Skin

Vs a God that looks within

Call on the Dove

Anointed from above

Call on Me


  • Abey
    February 5, 2016

    Beautifully put together,i have just behold a prowess unfolding,Blessings!

  • Sue
    March 31, 2016

    Lovely piece! Every word is true, God is ever patient calling me and you.

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