Dear mother!

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I know talented people and one of those talented people is my younger sister, Oyindamola. She told me her friend challenged her to write a letter as a baby in the womb to her mum. She playfully did it, and I fell in love with it when she showed the poem to me. I am hoping you will also like it and share after reading.


Dear mother,
I cannot wait
To be out there
With you
My heart yearns
For you
To hold me
Right in your arms

Dear mother,
I want you to
Hear me clearly
And take these words
Straight to your heart.

Dear mother,
Be prepared to tell me
That life is not a bed of roses
Be prepared to tell me
That there is evil in the world
I do not want to live
A fantasy
But dear mother,
Also be prepared to show me
All the good things of life
That you can
Be prepared to walk me
Through the storms of life
Or give me some words
Words of wisdom
That shall be my comfort
Through the trials

Dear mother,
Be prepared to laugh
With me
Be prepared to show me
What happiness is
Be prepared to teach me
To smile even
When all seems lost
But also be prepared
To cry with me
When I just cannot
Hold it in

Dear mother,
Be prepared
To take me through
The first failure
The first win
The first boy crush
Be prepared
To tell me
I am beautiful
When I can’t see it
To tell me
I am not worthless
Even when the world
Says I am.

Dear mother,
Be prepared
To teach me
About God
About life
About love
Be prepared
To care for me
When no one else does

Be prepared
To always have me
In your heart of hearts
Be prepared to teach me
That love is the only ride
That will take me
Through the journey of life
And that God
Is the only guide
I should follow
And joy
Is the fuel that will
Keep me going.

Dear mother,
My small, feeble heart
Till when I will
Be released from your core
And be held in your arms
Covered in your blood
Held in swaddling cloth
Letting out a cry
To let the world know
I have arrived.
Till then,
I shall stay
In your protection
See you soon,
Dearest mother.


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