Draw first; then paint!

Happy New Week guys! I hope you had a good enough weekend. Apologies for the late post, was not going to post anything today, but I felt it necessary to. Have a good week guys and I might not be a consistent blogger for the next couple of weeks.

I admire people that can really draw as I have no talent in that area. It’s just beautiful when you create an image that makes people marvel. To me, writers are not even as gifted as people that can really draw. Not to talk of those that can draw and write.  It’s a bonus and it’s a blessing. Though I can’t draw in the real sense, I know I can design my future. I can draw it in my mind and it doesn’t have to have the perfect width, length, touch or whatever. It just has to be mine and it just has to be beautiful, beauty being subjective as what I deem as beautiful might be totally ugly to you.

I learnt a closed mouth is a closed destiny. So you have to say it out, say out what you want and let heaven hear you. Then you have to say out those ideas you have, because only then will you be able to find someone that will invest in your idea. I just recently learnt you can’t be something if you don’t see it. I kind of knew that because I used to tell a friend that was just learning how to write that she has to see her story first. She has to see the characters, feel their emotions first because only then will people be able to feel whatever emotions she is trying to portray through her story. The beautiful thing about having the picture of how the story will be in her head first is, she can always refer to that mental picture when she is going off track and amazingly, she can always change the entire picture. One of the reasons some writers discard a manuscript that’s halfway done to start a new one is because they see the story could be better. So they create a new picture that allows the story to be better. Same way you actually have a picture in your mind even if you don’t know it. Everyone has a picture whether designed by them or designed by others, circumstances, the past and whatever else, but everyone has a picture. So if you don’t already know, I’m telling you. You can decide to be the architect and sack the architect that was forced on you, so you can start designing a new future, have a new picture and then go ahead to paint the picture.

Painting is the finishing touch, the one that really beautifies the picture, but do you know if that picture is ugly, painting might only be able to cover it for a while before the ugliness starts showing. You all agree with me that architects are very important and if you don’t agree with me, then I wonder what century you are in. We pay architects millions to design the house we want. We want a beautiful house and so we will go for architects that can give us that. If you don’t have a design in mind, the architect will bring you different designs and explain some things to you before you pick one. When you have approved the design, the architect will then go ahead to give it to the right people; the builders to make sure the design that has already been registered in your mind’s eye comes to life. The builders won’t have gone ahead to erect the building without the architect’s go ahead and they would never go off the architect’s design if they don’t want serious trouble.

Now what’s the point of that?

Well the point is we have the designer and we have those that bring the design to life. But when it comes to you, to us, to our future; we are both the architect and the builder. So you have to start drawing. The builders won’t go off the design because they have a picture they are working with. So you have to take your time to design something beautiful because it’s that design that you will work towards. Designing takes time depending on the architect, but what takes more time is executing that design with the foundation of the building taking the longest time. So take time designing but please, don’t spend all the valuable time designing, you forget you still have to build. You still have to lay your foundation which is what will sustain you. So don’t rush. Be patient. In this foundation stage, adopt characters that will make you stand both in the sunny and rainy season. Let God in and let him uphold you because only then will your picture be truly beautiful.

So darlings, this week, start drawing and start thinking of ways to bring the picture to life. If you already have a beautiful picture and you are trying to bring it to life, be patient even when you’d rather give up. Your building will soon be erected for all to see. And if you have a picture but you don’t like how it’s looking, you have the power to change it because only you can lead your life with God holding your hand.

  • frances
    April 13, 2015

    This resounded in me, especially the “speaking forth the dream in our head, let heaven hear you”
    Words are powerful!

    Take care of you Mayowa, you’ll be going off. A bit cuz of exams?

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      April 13, 2015

      Yep! Words are undeniably powerful. You make or mar your destiny through the words of your mouth.

      Yes, I will be. Exams and coursework, but I will be back soon. Thank you. Take care you yourself too and keep shining.

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