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Hi guys. I am so sorry I didn’t put up any post yesterday for the normal bible study/bible teachings. I had quite a busy day yesterday. The book launch for ‘It’s your life to lead’ is this Saturday, so preparations have been going on for that. I had a radio interview yesterday which I totally didn’t prepare for, but I think I did good. I also have a TV interview tomorrow. Hopefully, I won’t be shy. I intend to keep to my promise to give you more information about the book. I am just holding on till after the book launch, so I will be able to tell those in Nigeria where they can get the book and later, when the E- book has been made, I would also be able to give information about purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

I was doing my Bible study this morning and I decided to share my notes with you. I don’t even know if the content makes sense or if I just rambled, but I feel my fear of ‘does it make sense?’ should not stop me from sharing the notes. Remain awesome loves!


…But I do more than thank. I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is he is calling you to do… ~ Ephesians 1: 15 – 19 (MSG).

  • To MAKE YOU intelligent and discerning….

What does ‘Make You’ mean?

Make you means you can’t do it on your own or your own strength is limited. Make you can also mean someone forcing you or encouraging you to do something. Paul prayed that God would make them intelligent and discerning. So the same God that gives one the ability to make wealth is the same God that gives us the ability to be intelligent. That’s why Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2: 5, ‘not that I am adequate on my own. My sufficiency is from God‘. Everything is really about God. The bible says no one receives anything except it is given from above.

  • Discerning in knowing him personally….

Why do you need discernment for that? You need discernment because satan can perfectly pose and act like he is God and you actually go with Satan instead of God without knowing. Satan mimicks God’s behaviour so he can get through to us. But if you are conversant with the bible, you will know satan is incapable of giving the kind of love God gives. He is incapable of telling the truth and we know God can never lie. Discernment is needed to know when it is God talking and telling us to do something. This is all so beautiful because not only does God put in us the will to serve him, and do of his good works, he also helps us know him personally. Really, God does most of the job. All he requires of us is an invitation for him to come in and faith, trusting him without borders and letting him work in our lives.

  • To make you focused and clear so you can see EXACTLY what he is CALLiNG you to do….

When your vision is clear, you can see a lot of things. When your vision is focused, you can see a particular thing or particular things that you are meant to be seeing. Your vision rests solely on that particular thing. So for your vision to be focused, it first has to be clear. Now, Paul prayed that God would make their vision focused because if it’s only clarity they have, they can waste time doing what was never in the agenda of God for them. They might get reward for it, but they will still have to go and complete the specific assignment God gave to them. They just wasted time and energy.

Paul further said they need clarity and focus to do EXaCTLY… Exactly means that one thing and that’s where is it linked to focus. Focus means concentration. Combined with exactly, it means concentration on this one thing. Then he further said to do what God is calling them to do. When you combine vision, focus, exactly, you will see it all points to you doing that particular thing God has called you to do. Not doing the things he hasn’t called you to do, thinking he called you to do them. So it’s a very important prayer.

Also notice Paul said ‘ HE CALLED’ meaning it is God that will call you, not yourself. You can decide to call yourself and embark on a journey, but if it’s not what God called you to do,then you are doing it for your pocket.  God calls us because he alone knows what niche he has left for you to fill before you were even conceived. In other to know what he called you to do, remain in his court and just trust him.


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