Faith: A perfect excuse?

For a respectable number of Christians, especially those just coming to the belief system of following Christ or growing in their knowledge of him, faith is something we struggle with.  It just seems very unnatural to leave our lives to someone we can’t see and for ‘control freaks’, its arguably incompatible with being in total control of one’s life and affairs. Faith is just one of those things that a Christian has a long-time battling with. It’s therefore a noteworthy victory where having faith is no longer a constant struggle. But when does faith become a perfect excuse?

Prayer is a gift whose value is inestimable. It’s a way of communicating with God and allowing him to communicate with us. We are often encouraged to take our issues to God regardless of what they are and what weight we attach to them. We are encouraged to have faith that they will come to pass. Often, a lot of us proceed to give God the total control especially for issues that we feel are way beyond us and can only be resolved through the intervention of a higher power. The danger then lies in prayer and faith becoming not only a safety net (as it should be), but a cloak behind which we act like we are powerless and it is all out of our hands.

I was told a story of someone having issues and the person was tired of people telling him to pray and have faith. Ofcourse he prayed, but he also wanted practical solutions. For him, there were conscious things that could have been done to avoid the situation he is in (which was no fault of his), but prayer and faith were used instead. It begets the question: why pray and pray, yet do nothing?

I believe we work hand in hand with God. I believe he gave us will power and brain for very important reasons, one of which is to apply them to our lives and situations. I visited a church yesterday and the pastor said something that I absolutely loved. He said God has given us a mind so we can allow him to rest.  I see no reason why the thinking faculty will not be used and practical steps will not be taken all because prayer is employed. I feel it’s a convenient excuse, one which I’m guilty of.

Faith without works is dead, said James. In my opinion, faith is exercised and evidenced through work. What are you actively and practically doing to support your faith or let your faith be reflected through?

I’m not going to say stop praying or having faith. I’m going to say though, start taking more practical steps. Start adopting some helpful principles. Start making use of the human resources which I believe is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. PEOPLE ARE IMPORTANT AND ARE GOD’S INSTRUMENT OF ANSWERING YOUR PRAYERS. PAY ATTENTION TO PEOPLE!!! Watch yourself and the things you do more closely so faith doesn’t cross the thin line of trusting in God to being a perfect excuse to do nothing… or maybe I’m just not spiritual enough.


P;S: I have missed posting on this blog. Truth be told, I’m experiencing serious dryness with regards to writing and somehow, the blog has had to suffer for that. But I’m going to get out of it. I AM NOT ABANDONING THIS BLOG. SO PLEASE, DON’T ABANDON IT AS WELL. Have a great week amazing readers!


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