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Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? I am having a problem logging on to my page so yet again, i’m using Mayowa’s account to post this. Hopefully, my next post will be under my account.
 Do you need more faith in your heart account? (lol! I know heart account sounds weird but there is actually an account in your heart). Well, put some in there now! You can have as much as you want. How much word you put in your heart determines how much faith you are going to have available when you need it.
It is up to you. No one else can keep you from making that deposit either. If you get a Bible, you can make a deposit every day. In fact, it’s better you make a deposit because chances are you will need to make a withdrawal sometime during the day and withdrawals without deposits can leave you stranded without sufficient spiritual resources to get the job done.Some people want to float through life without putting out the effort to build up their spiritual account. They want to enjoy heavenly blessings, but they don’t want to develop the faith it takes to bring those blessings down to earth. Don’t be one of those people! Don’t expect to get something from God without faith. It is not going to happen.Abraham had to act in faith to get Isaac. Moses had to act in faith to lead the children of Isreal out of Egypt despite the many challenges such as the red sea that they faced. Infact, he acted in faith the minute he left his father-in-law’s house to go back to Egypt, the land where he was wanted. He believed God had him and went ahead not knowing if he would be killed. Joshua had to act in faith to get the walls of Jericho to come down. Rahab had to act in faith to keep her part of the wall around Jericho from falling down (Joshua 6: 17-18). And if Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Rahab had to have faith, then you have to have faith too. All of the great victories written in Hebrew 11 were manifested on earth by and through faith! That’s just the way it is.

That’s why the most important thing you have to do in this life is to keep your heart full of the word of God. Because everything else can be taken care of if that account is full. That’s what Jesus meant in Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”

When you put the word first, all things will come to you and you can never put the word first if you don’t have faith in HIM and HIS ability to bring to pass all the promises in HIS word. So don’t wait any longer; watch your faith account and let it grow.

Stay beautiful and let your light shine brightly. Don’t forget, if you want to share something with me or you want me to pray for you, you can send me a mail @ Please share this as well.


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