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Share the image please.

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As annoying and pointless as Nigerian movies can be, you can actually learn something from them. That’s if you are not too pissed off by the forced accents, stupid story line and terrible movie quality. When I’m forced to watch Nigerian movies (mostly Yoruba movies when I’m with Lk’s mum), I ask what the point is and I hiss and hiss because the story line just doesn’t seem realistic to me. Although I have been told some of what I see in those movies actually happen in real life. For a long time, I didn’t believe in juju and family members doing you but having had a fair share of how terrible family members can be, I have come to believe and following that, I have come to believe some of those movies. Though I might insult the actors while watching a Yoruba movie, the truth is actually kind of being told. Now where am I going with this?

More than once, I have watched Yoruba movies that show you never really go far in life using a short cut. I once saw on facebook as someone’s status that ‘when you use short cut, you will get cut short’ and actually, it is true and I know that thanks to Yoruba movies. There was a movie I watched where two friends from poor backgrounds went to university and decided with education, they would change their life and no longer be stricken by poverty. So they were serious with their studies. They were even called names but they had a future they were looking at and they wanted no distractions. They graduated with good results, went for NYSC and job hunting began. As is the case with most university graduates who after facing avoidable strikes and spending extra years in the university, face unemployment and for those that are employed, they work far below their qualifications and its only few(most of the few have connection) that get employed in good places. The boys couldn’t find good jobs and it was especially painful when they saw some of their friends that were not serious in school talking paper not coins. They had to do menial jobs but still kept job hunting. One of the friends decided he was tired and he deserved better.

The conversation went something like this…

Boy 1: I dey come back home with my CV in my hand, dey drink pure water and just dey wait for bus. Na so I see one car reverse come my side. The person roll down the glass. Omo you for see who I see. Na that boy wey poor worse than us that time. Oh boy, my boy don hama o. I hide my face make e no see me. My guy just call my name o. I do like say no be me at first. He now come down from the car dey blow grammar. I no hear wetin he talk. I just dey look him car, watch and everything. Level don change now. I smart pass that boy now. This job thing no dey work out o. I go find something else to do.

Boy 2: guy, you no know how the guy get him money. Maybe na ritual sef him do. Make we just dey look for job, dey do the work we dey do. I sure say with time, God go answer us. Surulere.

Boy 1: stay there dey soak garri. You go die of poverty.

Boy 1 left, did some shady business and made money. He became a very rich person while his friend continued toiling careful not to do anything immoral and not to let go of honesty, integrity and a good attitude in an attempt to be rich. His friend saw him once and after giving him some money, advised him to join him in his shady business. He declined and continued soaking his garri while his friend laughed at him. Fast forward to years later, his friend’s shady business caught up with him and he was arrested and upon coming out of prison, he now had nothing. Him and his friend accidentally met one day. His friend was now rich because of all his years of hardwork and integrity. While doing the menial job he was doing, his boss upon discovering he was a graduate recommended him to his nephew who was working in a big organization. He was employed not only because of his good results but also because of his good attitude.

Patience hon! Patience!

Patience hon! Patience!

So darling, Farabale (be patient). You are not there now doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Don’t you know your story is still in motion? Your friends have made it and you haven’t doesn’t mean you won’t make it. Your time is coming so farabale. Just keep trusting God and KEEP WORKING. Don’t use ‘THE LORD WILL SUPPLY ALL MY NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY’ as an excuse not to work. Even with the little you are doing, give it your best and be someone of integrity. You should be worried if you are working somewhere and 2 out of 10 of your colleagues have nothing good to say about you. To those looking down on you, don’t be discouraged. Tell them to farabale. They are there now doesn’t mean you won’t get there or even be greater. Be contented, keep working, and keep trusting God because he is already working behind the scenes and talk. Silence can kill.

farabale 2To all the haters out there who think they have arrived, farabale. We are on our way and to us, farabale. The road to success might be a long one but it will definitely build us and make us ready so when the success comes, we will be able to sustain it.

Stay beautiful darlings.


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