Foolish comparison

So I have another inspiring article by my awesome junior sister (you won’t believe she is my height. It’s like high consumption of beans is really not working for me. well, people are in love with short girls and i’m not even trying to console myself). The babe is a boss, incase you don’t know, check out some of her work on this blog a success story and why i love real madrid … Enjoy this article as i enjoyed reading it and please share comparison 2

I got a message from the Lord while reading my devotional two days ago through his servant, Dr E.A. Adeboye. He told me that I should stop comparing myself. In 2 Corinthians 10: 12-13, Paul delivered a message from God. He stated that we should never be like the majority of the world comparing ourselves with ourselves and those who commend themselves. He also said that we should only aspire to measure up to the level God wants us to be in.

This really got me. Most people are in the business of comparison more than they are in the business of actually working. I used to be like that; making snag comments like ‘Wow! You’re so smart. I don’t think I can ever be like you.’ And I would never try to make it like that because I had already registered in my head that I wasn’t good enough. But then, really who am I to say that? I was created by God and I know He has authority over me so he is the one to tell me whether I can be smart or not.

comp 3I have met several people who say that they want to get ‘98’ in a particular course just because I got ‘97’ and they want to have the honour of passing me like that would be the greatest achievement. They think that the next time, I would try to get the same ‘97’. No, I’m shooting for 100, baby!And you won’t pass me then, would you? Then, you’d be a bit demoralised because it seems impossible to outdo me. That could totally put you down and kill your entire zeal to succeed in the first place. I know a lot of guys like that. I think, one should always strive to get the best and I mean the best of the best which should be a ‘100’. If you put a 100% into something and it doesn’t pan out to be exactly that then you’d know you’ve given your best and that is your best.

comp 4I have also seen comparison hinder a lot of people’s success. A friend of theirs with whom they share the exact same background (graduated together, acquired jobs together and everything) might have progressed in life far more they have and they would beat themselves down. Why didn’t I get to that level? What makes me different? We had the same result. Maybe, she’s just smarter than me or better or people like her more or the sun shines down on her more and this is where I’m meant to be. They say this and decide to stay exactly where they are because maybe it’s their ‘destiny’. But, no! That shouldn’t be it. God destined you for greatness, to be the best and nothing less, so you should strive. He even said we should be perfect just as He is perfect. We should therefore push, push and push to the top and when we get there, we should check if there’s still a higher ground.

Lastly, you are not less beautiful; we are all created in God’s image. That ‘more beautiful person you compare yourself to is not better than you. Your background; how rich or poor your parents are or how poor you are at the moment does not determine where you should be in life. So, sit up and try to succeed. The richer person or less fortunate person that they consider is not better than you. We are all children of the creator. The more appreciated abilities someone else has do not make him/her better than you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and no one can tell you that you are useless or that you are not good enough. The achievements your oppositions have obtained do not make them better than you are. Leave the past, and press on to the future. You are a chosen people, and a royal priesthood. Being that is the greatest achievement you can have. And don’t be sad because you are a peculiar person because you are special and marvellous in your way. You can be great, it don’t matter, yo, it don’t! :*  end of comparison



‘being my awesome self like He wants me to be.’ 😉

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    August 15, 2014

    I just love my sisters. U guys rep!

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