Forgive but Forget not!

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Good morning my exceptionally awesome MSB readers. I don’t actually know why we say ‘good morning’. Maybe out of habit, I guess or because you are hoping the person will have a good morning. Anyway, I hope you are having a good morning and if you are not, you can console yourself with the fact that tomorrow is Friday. I am not having such a good morning but i’m praying that will change even if I don’t get what I want.
This is a poem I wrote sometime ago and it is fiction, not the outpouring of my mind or maybe I was pouring out my mind. I can’t remember. I hope you enjoy it and you share. Today is Thursday so we will be looking at Afrobeat Legend, Fela later today. Make sure you watch this space and have a beautiful day x
Forgive but forget not!!

Forgive me for I thought I loved you!

Forgive me for I thought I needed you!

Forgive me for I thought I cared enough to stay!

Forgive me for all the years I lied to myself!


Forgive me for I made you stay!

Forgive me for always leaning on your shoulder,

When “the one” called out for your shoulder!

Forgive me for making you think,

I was yours as you proclaimed you were mine!


Forgive me for the day I will walk out on you!

Forgive me for the day your heart will know,

My heart never beats when you call!

Forgive me I beg thee! But forget not!


Forget not the years of your life I wasted!

Forget not your love I threw to the dogs!

Forget not the cold shoulder I gave you,

When you warmed me up with your love.


Forget not my darling!

So the day a wave of emotions flood my heart,

And I call to you,

You will do well not to answer me!

but flee like you are running for your life!

Forget not!! So I wouldn’t have to ask you to forgive me all over again.


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