Get your broom out

My father once said to me that nothing moves except you move it/them. He said this to me when I was getting mad at him for calling the people he sent invitation cards for my book launch in January to remind them of the date. I felt the calls sounded like we were begging them to come, but he told me to get off my high horse. People are busy and if you don’t give a friendly reminder, some of the invited guests might not show up. So you take steps because nothing moves except you move it/them.

I totally forgot about the statement he made to me until the day my precious earring fell and I almost turned my room upside down trying to look for where it fell to. My search was not looking successful, so I took out a broom (Yes! The Nigerian way) and went on my knees, using the broom to try to reach as far as I could under my bed.

I didn’t know I had so much garbage and good stuff under my bed until I engaged the help of the broom. I did find my earring and I also found things I forgot I had lost. Things that I am sure were precious to me at a time and I gave up looking for when they could not be found. I also found things to throw away. Things that were no longer useful and just served as clutter under my bed. I would not have discovered any of these or found my earring if I didn’t take a positive step. That was what made me remember my dad’s statement: ‘Nothing moves except you move it/them’.

The thing about life is it requires you to work. You might be lucky enough to do nothing or little and have everything good come to you. But I doubt that luck will work every time. Life requires you to move things and moving things can sometimes mean getting out your broom and taking active steps.

You will need to take out your broom once in a while because there are hidden gifts and talents and skills that perhaps you knew you had, but stopped paying attention to or ones you never knew you had.

You will need to take out a broom to do a proper inventory of your life. Check the friends that are moving you forward and those that are unnecessary garbages. Check for the resources that you didn’t think were useful or that you totally forgot about; resources that you can use to kick-start your dreams or keep your dreams alive.

There is the part about taking out your broom and finding out what you need or don’t need. Then there is the part of taking active steps. Not all good things come easy and the challenges you will face might threaten to break you. But it’s only a threat. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be broken. It can even be an unsolicited tool to build you up and make you keep moving things despite the hurdles. So when you are tired and you want to take a backseat or when you are lazy and you think gold will just be drop in your hands, kindly remember that nothing moves except you move it. Even Heaven helps you those that help themselves. Your actions are required.

Have a great week ahead awesome people.


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