Gratitude (2015).

The joy I feel within my soul cannot be explained, so I won’t even try to explain it. I will try my possible best to succinctly tell you how my year went and not make you read a dissertation. In the month of November, a man who always wears a smile shared something in my church at Canterbury. He talked about how his family faced up’s and down’s this year, but God always came through. He then quoted a scripture which has stayed with me since. ‘This God that has called us to fellowship is faithful’ (1 Corinthians 1: 9) and whenever I say that scripture out loud (it has been almost every day since he said it), I am moved to tears by God’s faithfulness.

This God that has called us to fellowship is faithful’ (1 Corinthians 1: 9)


This God that has called us to fellowship is faithful and it is evident in my family. God opened the floodgates of Heaven to my family this year in ways that I can’t explain. I will never get tired of thanking God for blessing me with the kind of family he has given me, it just gets better every year. My father remains the blessed soul who will never get tired of going all out for his children and being not just a father, but also a friend. It’s a privilege to have the kind of dad that can just come to your room and start gisting with you and is down for a ride with his children anytime. Thoughts of my mother bring genuine smiles to my face. I have a mother who is that real proverbs 31 woman. We became so much closer this year and though I have always known I have an awesome mother, this year, I can proudly say awesome is too small an adjective to use to qualify her. Thank you for being great parents.

Thank you Oluwapelumi. You set the pace for the Depo girls. You have a kind heart and also a very courageous one. I am sincerely thanking you for teaching me things you might not even know you taught me. Oyindamola, you never cease to make us proud. I have learnt so much about determination and the definition of success from you than I have from a lot of people. Thank you for being an annoying younger sister. Lk, you are a gift to this family. Thank you for being a brother and not just a brother- in- law. Thank you for believing in me and letting me see that you do. Thank you Shikemi for never failing to make me marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. Thank you for your phone calls, I love you so much. May you continue to grow in God’s grace. Thank you Bro Demola for being a dependable brother.

I started this year by making some changes. I decided to make a greater use of the person of the Holy Spirit and it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. The way the Holy Spirit reveals things is just inexplicable. If you walk with the Holy Spirit and let him lead you and speak to you, you are not only going to walk in purpose, he is also going to connect you with purpose driven souls. He really did that for me this year. I met people like Akinwale whose love for God inspires me. Such a purpose driven man! Thank you for being a friend and someone who makes me want to get closer to God. I have learnt so much from you and I am just really grateful to have met you. You inspire me, you believe in me and in what God has put in my heart. That means more than you will ever know. I love you so much babe and I will always be grateful for you. Aderinpimpim, my abnormal friend whose lovely heart makes me smile. There is divine peace from talking to you and ranting to you about even the silliest things. You are a friend indeed pimpim. Thank you Juella for always making me smile. I love how I can drag you to the library with me. Thank you for believing so much in this blog and in the gift God has given to me. Darasimi, you give so much that it sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for letting me in even when it’s hard for you to do. Thank you for being a friend and a sister.

I thank God that I made the decision to live with three crazy girls. It has been so lovely and I am just so grateful you guys have started making me eat breakfast and there is always food at home. I will never forget your impact in my life Emmanuel. Thank you for being one of the constants and for teaching me a lot about myself. Thank you Toyolemi for being one of the dependable constants. I love how we still have to things to really talk about though school is making us not talk as often as before. Thank you Aunty Bukky for never failing to teach me about courage and love. I love you so much and God knows I will always be proud of you. You are a sister and I bless God for the day I met you. I have not had any regrets and I don’t see any coming. Thank you Itoro for being my go to guy. I love you so much hon. it still remains always and forever boo.

I have so many people to thank. So many great souls that journeyed with me in year 2015. I am grateful for my Ecclesia Family. Thank you Dorothy for glorifying God with your gift. Thank you Natasha for being such an organized person. Thank you Lillian for encouraging us with your Spoken words. I just really thank the family for making Friday nights a lovely time, fellowshipping together. I am grateful for the many opportunities I was given this year. I am grateful for the love and encouragement I got this year and I am still getting. I am grateful for how the brief announcement of my book, ‘IT’S YOUR LIFE TO LEAD’ was received with so much love and excitement. I am grateful for the many lessons people have taught me this year. I am grateful for old friends who still pop in once in a while and I am so grateful to the many understanding friends I have. I really hope to work on keeping in touch better next year. Thank you for reading this blog and telling people about it.

One very important lesson I learnt this year is that God always comes through. He always comes through and he never ever leaves the righteous dry and I guess everything that my family, friends and I went through this year can be summed up in ‘This God that has called us to fellowship is faithful’. Above all, you have to stand on the infallible word of God. See, God is too faithful to let you down. Stand on his word, act on his word and let your faith be backed by action. Please, go all out next year. Walk in line with purpose and don’t let fear have the upper hand. Paul was not joking when he said ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’. It’s because he actually saw that there was nothing he couldn’t do once he involved God. Do it because the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. You are forgiven. You are loved with a love that cannot be shaken. Your sin would not make God love you less because he is God and it is in his nature to love. So don’t stay on the dirt because you feel you need to be punished for your shortcomings or God won’t receive you anymore. Like Jesus said, he came for the sick and when we fall, we are sick, but we have a God who is ever ready to receive us back. Just tell him you are sorry, forgive yourself and get back under the canopy of grace, while asking for the grace not to go back to your vomit.

I pray that the peace of God will go with us into next year. We will remain under the shadow of his wings and our lives will forever reflect Christ. I pray for the grace to let our faith be evidenced by works and to always look at Jesus rather than our circumstances. May we have the grace to be holy even as our father is holy and to show love to everyone around us.

Thank you for journeying with Matey Scott Blog in year 2015. I pray we have a more exciting journey next year. Never forget you matter and what you do matters. So go into 2016 with that strong awareness and start investing in people.

Happy New Year in Advance Loves.


  • frances
    December 30, 2015

    Happy new year in advance Mayowa!
    More oncoming…truly!

  • Temitope
    December 31, 2015

    Indeed we thank God for His faithfulness over our lives. Beautiful post Mayowa… happy new year in advance.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      December 31, 2015

      God bless you for being an amazing reader. It means a whole lot.

      Happy new year in Advance Temitope. God bless you and make his face shine upon you. I hope to see more of you on this blog in 2016.

  • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
    December 31, 2015

    Happy new year in Advance to you too Frances.

    Thank you for allowing yourself to be used mightily this year.

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