Have you prayed?

I have a great friend. A divine partner, actually. His name is Akinwale and he is very annoying. Lol! sorry for the weird introduction.

Akinwale is a very rational person, sometimes too rational for my liking. He gives logic precedent over emotions a lot and though you wouldn’t really think he is a Jesus freak when you see him, you will change your mind the minute he opens his mouth to talk. Most times, I’m just like ‘Can’t I just be mad at you and say I won’t talk to you for a week without you telling me love is patient and kind?’ He can be so annoying but God knows I love the way he loves Jesus. I promise you this post is not about Akinwale. It’s just about something he said.

Oluwamayowa (me) likes things to go according to plan and God is really dealing with me in that regard. Making me understand I didn’t make him and my life, he made me and as one of this own, I am his to direct. And sometimes, I am just like ‘I want to have my way lord cause I feel my way is just better right now’, but instead, he slaps me with what I think is disappointment which makes me sulk for a while. Then when I am done being angry with him, he makes me smile and he is just there like, ‘this is what I had planned all along baby girl. Stop doubting me and thinking I won’t be on time’ and that just really humbles me. Anyway, I was chatting with Akinwale and all of a sudden, my messages weren’t delivering. I tried his numbers, they were not going through. I gave him an hour to get back to me, but didn’t get anything. So I called again and kept on calling, still no reply. By that time, I was getting seriously worried and was just thinking of all the worst things that could have happened.  I think after five hours of lack of communication, he finally messaged me and was like ‘Babe, I am sorry. My phone was dead’. ‘WHAT???? Is that all you are going to say? After you made me so worried. Why didn’t you use someone’s phone to call?  Bla bla bla’. I was just going on and off and my guy was like ‘BUT BABE, DID YOU PRAY FOR ME SINCE YOU WERE SO WORRIED?’ In my mind, I was like ‘this guy is clearly high on weed. Is he for real? He hasn’t even apologized for making me so worried and he is talking about if I prayed’. I later thought about his question, ‘BABE, DID YOU PRAY?’

Prayer always goes where human feet might never reach.  Use prayer to change things. ~ Mayowa Depo-Oyedokun

Have you prayed? That’s my question to you beautiful reader.

When things happen that we do not understand, we are panicking so much that we do not sometimes think to stop in our track and talk to the one that can do something about what is happening. Why do we panic so much and call on humans who are just as shortsighted and powerless as we are when we have a supreme being that knows all things and has immeasurable strength needed to help us?  (Deut 33: 27). Why can’t we be like David who said: ‘I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me and set me in a large place’? (Psalms 118: 5)

Darlings, worry changes nothing, but prayer changes everything. If only we will just pray and call for the everlasting arms of God, the arms that can never be weakened by the ‘load’. The lord is our refuge people. He is our ever present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46: 1). He is the strong tower the righteous runs to in the day of trouble. The way you run is through prayer (1 Thessalonians 5: 17; Ephesians 6: 18). With everything going on in the world, open your mouth to pray. Open your mouth to make low the plain of worry. Open your mouth to cause a change (Psalm 91: 15). SEND PRAYERS ON A MESSAGE TO THE FUTURE AND TO PEOPLE YOU CAN’T REACH. Your prayers show you trust him enough to fix it and above all, let his will be done. So when you are afraid, trust in the Lord (Psalm 56: 3).

Always remember my darlings, before you talk to man about it, talk to God about it. Make the conscious effort and ask for grace to always remember to call on the one that can do something (God) before calling on the one that is just as limited as you.  Remember, pray without ceasing. God bless you loves!


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