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Hey guys! Here is an article I wrote about two years ago but i never published it.  Just mailed it to some friends. Was looking for something on my laptop and I found it. Decided to share it with you. Don’t forget to share it with someone too by putting the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM and the social media’s you use. Gracias 🙂

Something’s are constant. One of those is the cycle of morning and night. Even if you are not there to witness it, morning will still come and fade away making way for night to set in. Babies will still always be given birth to but too many things in life are dynamic and two very dynamic ones are “Hello” and “Goodbye”. first poar

Here comes our goodbye. The flame in the candle got blown out by the wind a long time ago but we still sat in the dark waiting and hoping something or someone will bring back the spark. Oh! We waited till patience no longer became patience. The goodbye has silently been there between us yet it has been screaming and making itself loudly heard and perhaps understood in our minds; “Accept it and move on”. Just let each other go. There is nothing else you can do. Alas, it was right. Not even a little spark could be ignited. We will sit for hours beside each other because we are hoping there will be something to say and even if not we prayed the silence won’t be so deafening. But who are we kidding? No comfort and peace can be found in the silence now shared. What is gone is gone. A dead person is gone! Gone to await his/her fate if there really is anything like the afterlife. The only way the dead person can live on is through his works regardless of either good or bad and through the memory of his existence in the minds of people. People mourn maybe even for years but most still accept the change and know it is time to move on. Why try to keep the dead alive through its already decayed body. EVEN THE IRONY OF THAT MAKES ME QUESTION WHY WE TRY TO RESUSCITATE A LIFELESS THING. So here comes a universal human condition; GOODBYE. Goodbye to the future but not the past. So yeah! Let’s say our own goodbye too before the silence kills us.

This life as I guess most of us know is a journey. A long one which we a times hate and feel should end but there are those days when your loud laughter is heard from blocks away and itself shows the beauty of living and makes life feel short and is a true reminder that days are good. However, as a normal feature of adventures, you move on. You meet new people in your new path, a times meet an old friend but soon say goodbye and no matter how long you stay in a place with some people there will still come that time when you just have to move on even if you don’t want to. I would love to say the phase I am in this adventure is permanent but that would only be an illusion. Although we have to move on and change states, the quota you contributed in this phase is permanent. The memory is resilient so just like the phase began, please! Let’s accept its imminent end and prepare to make new memories. Us moving on and making new memories does not mean the memories we made will fade away as quickly as night overtakes day for the memories will be the fire keeping me warm during the cold time of the new phase. I would say when a philosopher once said; “ sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over” that the person was an intelligent being yet my friend starting over would have been worse if your memories did not keep me alive. So let it be that and let the goodbye come and stay for it might die before it dies if we delay its arrival any further. This will only be one of the “Hello” and “Goodbye” said and to be said. cover image

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