Here today; here tomorrow

Hello everyone!  Happy new month (i know i am 3 days late). How have you been? I know it has been  long since we last posted anything here and we truly apologise for that. we have been busy but that’s no excuse because I said we will be posting more often. I actually wrote this 2 days ago but i didn’t have time to post it. I hope you read it with an open mind and leave with a yearning to start doing something.

I saw a dead body this evening. I started writing about it on my phone on my way home from the hospital but I lost it. Stupid Samsung. I went to the hospital to visit someone dear to my heart; while I was about to enter the reception, I saw two lean looking men carrying a body wrapped in Ankara cloth and that caught my attention. I also saw a man walking towards them, he had on both a calm and distraught look and I never knew one could have on both looks at the same time until tonight. I tapped LK who was beside me to draw his attention to what I saw and Lk tried to look in a coded manner because it really is rude to stare but as a Nigerian, staring when I see something I consider worth staring at is in my blood and I’m just trying to get it out. The man looked towards our direction, I don’t know if he caught us or not but he looked at me from the distance that he was and said in a calm yet sorrowful way that, that was his mum they were carrying. I looked at him and with all the sincerity that I could convey through my eyes, I told him, ‘I’m sorry for your loss’. I don’t know if that was the right thing to say but that was what came out of my mouth and it seemed to mean something to him. To me, it was better than saying ‘it is well’ because honestly, at that point that he was mourning the loss of his mother, precious to him or not, ‘it is well’ doesn’t suit it because it really isn’t at that point. He just lost someone who was there the minute before and gone the next. That’s not well. That’s sad…

I don’t know how serious the woman’s illness was and I don’t know how the family members feel about losing someone after spending a lot of money because the hospital is an expensive one but I do know they really cried. You would say that’s normal since they just lost someone but that man looked calm. images-123I don’t know if he already cried but the look I saw was a look of ‘I’m sad she is gone but she lived a good life’, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not but I don’t care. I am feeling so sleepy but I have to get this out now that I feel a sense of urgency. Darling, you can be here today and gone tomorrow especially with all the madness going on the world right now. I told a friend this evening that I am scared of boarding a plane with the way planes have been crashing lately and he said: ‘the planes in Nigeria are still good’ but who even says something unexpected won’t end me. I always pray to live a good and long life but what if I don’t? I know I’m sounding pessimistic and talking like I don’t know God has me but really, what if I’m gone tomorrow? What if you are gone tomorrow?

images-103Please people, we have to start doing something. I am so serious; we have to start acting like we won’t be here tomorrow. This is not me trying to appeal to your senses or talking like an inspiration writer, this is me telling you the truth; you have to start doing something. We have to stop letting fear cripple us. I told Lk this evening that I have a fear that’s crippling me and he told me I have nothing to be afraid of and I should talk to God. So I’m going to tell you the same, you have nothing to be afraid of and if you think you do, let that fear propel you to do something, to take that risk. I have a friend whom I admire so much for the risk he takes and most times, it pays off. Please, you have to take that risk. You have to stop merely existing to fill up space and start living, take up your bed and occupy the space God reserved for you. You have all the potentials within you, oh yes you do but you have to do something to turn them to actualities.

I don’t know if that woman lived a good life and right now, it’s too late for her if she didn’t but it’s not too late for you. images-150Darling, don’t you dare write yourself off. Go back to school. Start that business. Leave that place and people that are holding you back. Go all out and be the best you can be. You owe it to yourself and to God to be all he already sees you as. When you are afraid, talk to him. Read books about people that were afraid but still took life by the horn. We look at such people on Thursdays so be sure you watch this space for Thursdays even if not any other day.

There are some people that really matter to you. Show them that they do. I don’t know what they will say about that woman but I know they will say something and it’s the same way they will say something about you and I but we can predict what will be said about us based on how we live our lives, how we touch the lives of others by doing even the seemingly little things. I don’t know about you but I want to be here today and be forever here even after I’m gone because of the lives I touched, because of the risks I took that produced great results, because of the legacy I left and most especially, because I fulfilled the purpose for which God created me. But I don’t want that for only me, I want that for you too. So please, if you were not working before, start now and if you are already working, continue no matter what so you will be here today and here tomorrow.



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