How much do you bite?

I am determined not to waste food this year. The thing is shopping for food is one of my weaknesses. So I buy a lot of foodstuff that often expire before I  can eat them. They would then have to go into the bin (although these days, I force my official and unofficial house mates to eat my food before it goes off. And when something goes off, I make them throw it away so it won’t be me wasting. Lol). I also like cooking. I believe its therapeutic, so I can cook for four days in a row and just put the food in the fridge for whoever wants to eat it cause I don’t eat as much. I like the cooking part, not so much the eating part.

I told my house mates at the start of the year that I will change. Exchange rate has gone up and naira is ridiculously far less than it used to be. Also, it’s not nice to waste food when there are so many that lack food and have no idea where their next meal would come from. They didn’t believe me and still have some doubts. But there was a day that I was determined to make them see the new Mayowa.

I made Pasta that was obviously too much for me and I knew I had to eat it all because if I put the remaining in the fridge, it would end up in the bin. So I put everything on my plate and I was seriously laughed at cause of the quantity. I was told I wouldn’t finish it, but that only made me determined to do the exact opposite of what they anticipated, even if I would end up bloated. I proceeded to eat the food. Lord knows that I was struggling and I really wanted to give up. I was clearly biting more than I could chew, but I stayed strong and finished it. It was fine that I felt so heavy after. What mattered was that I completed the task I gave myself. I did what I honestly thought I couldn’t do.

Do the same love. Not with food, lol. But with that challenge you think you can’t overcome and with that project you want to give up on. Bite more than you think you can chew. The thing is once you bite it, you know you have to chew it all and that puts your system to work. It puts your talent to work. It puts your thinking faculty to work. Don’t run away from challenges (I am so talking to myself right now. Easier said than done though, I tell you. But it’s ‘doable’). Embrace challenges even if you do with tears running down your cheeks because the truth is, you have an endless pit of possibilities in you. Challenges will make you increase your capacity. Increased capacity means increased output if you are willing to work.

So bite more than you can chew love because you can handle it and the rewards will outweigh staying in your comfort zone, doing just enough and not going the extra mile and getting the seemingly impossible task done. Be careful what you bite though and be smart about it as well.

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity – Unknown.

How much are you biting?


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