How soon is too soon?

Darlings, I have serious questions that have been on my mind for a while now and I need your help in answering them. I would really appreciate it if you read, share and leave your opinion.

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I watched a movie sometime last year (I cannot remember the title of the movie) which raised a question for me: ‘How soon is too soon?’ In that movie, A was proposed to by B after just about four months of dating. A happily said yes and they went on to have a marriage which was beautiful for only two years. After that, the honey moon period was over and the marriage went sour. She could not get out as she was a strong Christian who did not believe in divorce. It made her question if she married him too early.

I know the trend these days is that people get married just after some months of dating. I have read about so many celebrities that have gotten married after some months of dating and most will say, ‘it feels like I have known him all my life. It just feels like the right time’ and honestly, most times, I sneer and hope for their sake that the love really lasts, that is if it is even love. We have seen many of those marriages that are ‘rushed’ into crash and we have seen a few that actually last. I asked my friend how soon is too soon for her and she said she doesn’t exactly know, but she cannot marry a guy after just some months of dating. She asked me and I told her I definitely have to date the guy for long and truly be sure he is the one. I mean, I am going to spend the rest of my life with this person; I have to know the person very well and be really sure. You can only pretend for so long so I might be able to know if he is pretending to be the guy I want after a while. But if the relationship goes on for a long time, his true colour will start showing. But on the other hand, some people are very good actors and will pretend until they put a ring on that finger.

I asked another friend and she said she really does not know. It is possible to date someone for three months and really know them, while it is also possible to date someone for two years and not really know them. So it is a tough question to answer. She added that it is possible for her to marry a guy she has been friends with for a long time although she has only dated him for some months. Most people will say, ‘I married him/her because it felt right’. But the question is: how do you know it is right? What do you feel when it is right? Is it love when it feels right?

So to my darlings out there, I really want to know your take on these issues:

*How soon is too soon?

*How do you know it is right?

*When do you know it is right?

*How long can you date someone before you marry the person?

If someone you have been dating for about five months proposes to you, but you feel it is too early though you love the person, would you say yes (because of the risk of losing the person) or no?

*How do you know it is love?

Another thing guys, should marriage be about age or maturity?



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