I. Am Enough

I am a fine girl.  I know I am even if you don’t agree.

I know I am a smart girl though I doubt it alot.

I know I have a good heart though I still have alot of work to do.

I know I am tiny and I’m beginning to really love that

I know I have people that love me for me.

I have a God that will always love me even if every other person stops

I know I enjoy writing and I’m good at it

I know many things.

Many things about me

I also know I learn everyday

I have a chance to become everyday if I let myself

I should love myself so fearlessly and stand strong no matter what

I know I am enough

But most days, I forget it.


I forget it when someone makes a demeaning comment about me

I forget it when someone tells me to dim my light

I actually start dimming my light because I don’t want to stand out

I don’t want to be called names that show I’m different even if different is good

I forget way too much that I am enough and it leads to frustration

It leads to low self esteem.

It leads to me lagging behind,

Not becoming who and what I can be.

It leads to me blending in with the crowd,

even when the crowd is hopelessly blind.

I am enough and God is enough for me.


I won’t always remember I am enough but,

I hope I remember it when I desperately want to be you or her,

days when I feel I will never be enough.

I am not perfect.

I will not always have perfect days.

I will forget to just breathe in fresh air sometimes

I will forget I told Him I’m giving it all to him,

when I gave my life to Him

I will forget some people are blessed by my writing

I will forget I am blessed by my writing

I will forget my life, including my dressing should reflect christ

I will forget I am smart because of Him,

when I don’t do as well as I want to in life.

I will forget it not working out now doesn’t mean it won’t

I will forget I deserve all the good things of life

and I should never feel like I’m not worth it.

I will forget I will lose friends

and that doesn’t mean I am not enough

I will forget I’m also beautiful because of her beauty.

I will forget her light,  his light doesn’t mean I don’t have light too.

I will forget many things but I pray,

oh I hope that even as I’m working on being better.

Even as I’m enjoying the beauty of nature and reaching out to be more

Even as I am building friendships and letting people see me

I pray I remember I am enough

I pray you remember you are you and you are enough.

Smile! Love! Be happy! Reach out! Gain and lose

You are not perfect and will never be.

But it is fine.

Infact, it is more than fine

Because you are more than enough.

You are enough

You are enough

  • frances
    January 19, 2015

    I am enough
    You are enough
    We are enough..
    #that is all.

    Happy New week Mayowa! 🙂

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