I am not ready.

I told my friend, with a smile on my face that I was proud of her when she told me she was finally going to start her own channel on youtube. She smiled back and told me, ‘there is never a right time to start something and you will never be ready. So it is better to start because if you are waiting for when you will be ready, you will never start’ and I nodded my head so much I feared it might come off. I agreed with her and I still agree with her. It was the same thing Esposito told Ryan in the series, Castle when Ryan was freaking out about being a father. He had gotten books on being a dad and what to expect. He had even undergone practice with those doll babies that technology make seem real. He freaked out when he was given a real baby and he was failing terribly at connecting with the child. The books might have prepared him and they might not. Just like the preparation might help you and it might not, but nevertheless, you will never be ready.

I have learnt to make plans, but to also be flexible with those plans because I know nothing about tomorrow or the next minute. And something unexpected might change a perfectly laid out plan, but regardless, I will go on, make new plans or accommodate the change and go on. Because that is what life requires, that is how life is. It might throw limes and it might throw candies, either way, it expects you to keep living it and sooner or later, you will learn to love it and welcome those limes with open arms because you know it has the power to shape and build you. You will learn to appreciate and love life because in it, you have the people you love and ones that hate you. In it, you have chances to dust yourself up after you have been so gruesomely kissed by what you did not expect. In it, you will learn to prepare both for the good days and the bad days though you silently pray every day for the good days to swallow the bad days. Prepare because luck might just run into you and when it does, you want to tell it you have been learning how to climb since while you awaited its arrival. But you will never be ready

I did not know I would never be ready when I decided to start stringing words together which filled a whole book. It was not part of the plan and I guess I prepared for it by reading and writing from a younger age but I was not ready for it when the words started filling the empty pages that later became pages full of my words. I have finished writing the words and my dream has become a reality. My book, ‘IT’S YOUR LIFE TO LEAD’ has been birthed, but I am still not ready for it. I was not ready and I am not ready but I did it anyway. I did it though I questioned if I am good enough to have my name on the cover of a book. I did it though I questioned if it was the right time. I did it though I had fears of the future, ‘what if the book doesn’t sell?’ but I did it anyway. Because if I did not do it, I might never have answers to those questions and I might never touch the lives God needs me to touch through the book.

We are cowards because most times, we will rather stay in the comfort zone, but we are also courageous people because we don’t always dance to the tunes of life. We take steps to create our own tunes. You will never be ready for anything my darling but you don’t need to be ready. You just need start on your knees, then let your prayers be backed up by actions and see how it turns out. If it turns out well, you can give yourself a pat on the back and receive as many pats from the real ones and the ones that will be drawn to you like bees to honey. And if it doesn’t turn out well, give yourself a pat on the back and also receive pats from the real ones. Then waste no time in trying again even if you feel you are not ready because that feeling is being true to you.

Merry Christmas to you in advance amazing online family. It has been a privilege having you read things on this blog. Thank you for choosing to journey along with Matey Scott blog. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas and the love of God fills your heart.

I still have a lot to tell you about my book, ‘IT’S YOUR LIFE TO LEAD’ which just got published but is not yet on sale. The book launch will be on the 9th of January 2016 at Ibadan. If you would like to be there, you can send me a mail at mayowa25@yahoo.com.  You will definitely know more about the book as time goes by. Stay blessed my darlings and start even if you are not ready. Take a bold step, but only do that after you have fortified yourself with prayers. I love you all. 

  • Elizabeth Peters
    December 22, 2015

    Congratulations MSB! More grace

  • frances
    December 24, 2015

    Great news to end the year with!!!
    Congratulations Mayowa! Congratulations!

    We may never be ready to step out with God’s plans for us but God is ever ready..in fact, He has been ready since the time He planned our lives which was even before we were born..so that assurance will keep you strong. #REST in Him who is ever ready.

    Lots of love..

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      December 30, 2015

      Thank you so much Frances. Your courage was also one of the pushing factors. Bless your soul.

      And yes, God has already planned our lives before the foundation of the world. We just need to key into his plans and rhythms for our lives so we can have the best kind of life possible. It’s actually very good to know that though we will never be ready, God has always been ready and that’s more than enough for us to start.

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