I had the key!

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Happy holidays darlings! I hope you are having a good one. Kindly read and share. Have a good enough week 🙂

I was late to church, but I thanked God I was not too late, for it would have pained me greatly if I missed part of the sermon preached by Pastor Aduloju. I was seated at the middle row of one part of the church, but it was good enough. The people in front of me were not too tall, neither did they have on the kind of hats that blind the faces of their fellow congregation. I could see pastor Aduloju and more importantly, I could hear him clearly. I heard him preach with passion on the wells of greatness and how Isaac kept on digging wells regardless of his contenders. He said many true and wise words, but one stuck with me. He said ‘Nobody stumbles on greatness. Everyone digs it including the man who has found grace’. He then reminded us of Paul, a man who carried undeniable grace, yet this same grace carrier said he ‘laboured more abundantly than they all’. My pastor said ‘persistence wears away resistance’ and I smiled, remembering the story of the ‘supposed’ lost key.

“Great works are products of deep thoughts” – Pastor Aduloju.

There was a night my mum and I had to go out, though it was late and we were feeling sleepy. We went and on our way back home, I was thinking of how fast I was going to jump on my bed. We got home and I rushed out of the car to open the door to the house, but couldn’t find the key. I asked my mum and she reminded me of the fact that I was the one that locked the door. I went back to the car to search for it, but couldn’t find it. I was angry because I needed to sleep and I don’t like delays. We were outside for about thirty minutes looking for this key and we were already contemplating sleeping inside the car, then I touched the pocket of my trouser and there laid the key. I opened the door and we got in, but I had already lost sleep, for I lose sleep so easily when I keep it waiting. I was angry because the key was in my pocket all along. Pastor Aduloju talked about persistence and I wondered how one would be persistent if he does not have a goal or dream he is already working towards. I also thought about how one can be persistent to the point that resistance will succumb to the persistence if he does not know the key he has in his hands. Or if he has refused to use the key he has to open doors of greatness for himself.

I had the key in my pocket and you have the key in your heart. You did not come to the world empty, you matter and your key matters. Your key in this case is your talent, your passion. Make no mistake by thinking not everyone has talent. Talent seems to be an inappropriate word, I prefer GIFT! GIFT, that’s more like it. You have a gift, if not gifts and you owe it to yourself and the world to find it. Leave the busy world and exist in a depth of solitude once in a while so you can find the key. Listen to people that tell you, you have this key and stop fighting using it to make a positive impact in the world. The world is waiting for you because there is a niche that only you can fill and fill well. I will tell you this though, you will never find the key if you are too overwhelmed with your past failure and your not so favourable background. You have the talent irrespective of whatever background you had. While your background might delay the birth/use of your gift, it does not stop it unless you let it.

Darling, stop looking outside for what you have in you. Learn all you can about how to use your gift and practice, practice and use it. You have in you a master key! The good thing about a master key is once you use it to open a door, it opens other doors. Your gift, passion, talent will always opens other doors for you when you use it. God will always help you, but he has done His part by putting the key in you. God will not be determined on your behalf because you are the one that needs to fight. When you find the key and show a willingness to use it, then you can talk to the Holy Spirit about how best to use the key.

‘You cannot talk to God until you know what you have’ ~ TD Jakes

Keep searching for that key and when you find it, use it. Never forget you matter and what you do matters. Peace!

P;S: if you haven’t listened to 360 by Asa, you should. It’s an old song, but one of the best by her.

  • frances
    July 20, 2015

    Oh Mayowa! Thank you!

    I really believe that persistence is one thing we must inculcate even as we use the key-our gifts.
    The more hours you put into using your gift, the more deeper levels and door open up to you.we shouldn’t let it lay dormant.

    Have a great week ahead babes

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      July 23, 2015

      Yes, it definitely does. That way, you are able to learn from others and also impact others, which is an important reason for you having the gift in the first place.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      July 23, 2015

      Yes, definitely. The gift was given to you to be used in the very first place. The gift wasn’t given to you just for you as well, there are people you migh never meet depending on your gifts. And like you said, using your gift will benefit it greatly because it’s capable of opening doors for you.

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