I still remember you!

Hello guys! How are you are doing? I feel like it’s been ages since I last asked you that question. I hope you have all been good and you are still loyal readers despite our inconsistencies. We apologise for that; life atimes gets in the way of consistency but life won’t kick this blog to the curb, with your help ofcourse.
Out of joblessness, I picked up a jotter and wrote this poem (I miss writing on paper. Technology is almost rendering papers useless). I enjoyed reading it after I wrote it and I hope you will enjoy reading it too. By the way, I met a very cool blogger who mainly writes Poetry. He does this little introduction, then he writes ‘I WRITE…’ I think that style is really cool. Not to worry,very soon, you will see a product from his beautiful mind. Okay darlings, read, share, eat and love. Have a fanta-bulous day or coke-bulous (whatever you want).

Time has passed!

Rain has fallen and I have kissed the sun more times than I would like

The years have stretched

The streets have changed

My smile has changed

And my laughter, that laughter of mine that used to come out like a thunderbolt has changed

But your face remains the same


I saw Nneka the other day and I couldn’t remember her

She tried to jog my memory and I pretended like I remembered her

I pretended like I had missed all the years that had passed between us

All the words that had been unspoken between us

Afterall she claimed we were good friends though I don’t think we were

She told me of the others: Enitan, Chioma…

She laughed and said Chioma is now following a rich senator

I laughed too though it didn’t reach my eyes

She didn’t ask me much about my life and I thanked God for that

She was too happy sharing details of her life with me like we talked the day before

Yet, with all these things, I didn’t remember her

Try as I did

But I remembered you.


As she spoke, I was smiling

Not because her story was interesting

I didn’t even hear half of it

I was smiling because I remembered you.

You, with that beautiful face of yours

That face that looked like that of the Angels

That face that was void of all boys your age cared about then

You in those check Khakis, with those geeky glasses

Your ‘getto’ was always sharp.

‘A boy has to be neat,’ you would say

And I would wonder why the other boys didn’t think like you did.

Mathematics! That was your weapon against the world

Your weapon against me as you never could beat me in other subjects

‘Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer,’ you once said to me when I called you a stalker.

She talked but I remembered you.


I remembered you were shy yet, you were so bold

I remembered you always believed in being different,

Not letting your life be lived for you by the crowd

You didn’t like most of the boys in our set, especially the ones that deceived girls

‘Girls are never to be deceived. You guys are too precious,’ you once said looking so serious when I teased you about dating that girl, lara.

You loved Jesus and he shone brightly through your honey like skin

I remember your smile; it was beautiful

It was genuine and it was filled with love

You always stood firm with your beliefs about the beauty in humans, Always

And through you, I would learn to feel comfortable in my skin

I would come to crave difference, not allow my originality be muffled in the need for uniformity

Your face still remains the same


I never thought I would see you again when we left the school gate

I always said you didn’t belong in our world

You belonged in the world of Angels

In the world of people that cannot see Evil because of how pure and sacred they are

Yet I still searched for you

I would beg the driver to take me to your neighborhood even when I was told your family had moved

I still hoped I might see you, maybe you would come back to get something

Has your face changed?

Do you still have a heart as gentle as a Dove?

Do you still starch your clothes so much it looks like it had never been worn?

Do you still have that hearty laugh of yours?

Do you still think Girls are precious or you have been pulled from your world to ours?


Faces have faded!

Memories have become blurred

We have moved on

Yet I still remember you

Exactly the same way

I still remember you never stealing a kiss from me though you knew my heart beat for you

I still remember you teaching me about self worth

Never treating me like I’m Inferior or a sex commodity because I’m female

I still remember you Sola , like I’m seeing you right now.

I still remember you!

  • abey
    September 24, 2014

    And so she expressed herself in poetry,speaking with a voice that recollects in detail all that is of importance,expressed with words that hits the mark…nice!!!

  • oyinda
    September 25, 2014

    I like this, this is a rare kind in this generation. Lust controls boys nowadays and every other thing comes after.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 25, 2014

      Darling, I know you have missed me and thank you for liking it. We are cool writers like that in the family. I got your mail through mr Tola. I love it and it should be up this Sunday for your birthday.

  • frances
    September 28, 2014

    This was nice…touching…
    I do hope sola is still the same and the trials of the world hasn’t changed him cuz the world could do with more of his type


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