I’m. My. Motivation!

“I’m my motivation”

We’ve always heard this popular cliché that “Whatsoever your hands find to do, do it well”
And that’s to mean that whatsoever career path you’ve chosen, whatever your goal, dreams, desires, hopes and aspirations are, give it your best shot. Don’t think of it as little, small or minute.

But everyone needs a little motivation at one point in time or the other because if we are going to be truthful, we are humans and we can get tired. We would be wrong and untruthful if we said we don’t always get tired. Come on! We are humans, it’s the way we are wired.

And then there’s that moment when we are so discouraged and what we would really have wanted is for someone to just say words or do things that will help our state of mind and bring back to life our dead morale, but then in discouragements, we get disappointed.

Have you ever been in that situation where you push so hard to ensure your dreams and desires are birthed and brought to life and then, all you get are disappointments, hitting a rock every time?

Then you wonder what on earth is wrong and where the help of the Supreme Being is.

In an Ideal exam or test situation, you will never see the invigilator relate or reason with the students on matters relating to the exam being written, so this is to mean your challenge is your test. Your opposition and struggle is your exam but the Supreme Being who is the invigilator is just quiet not because He’s not there, but because He needs you to realize that His power and strength in you can help you break through any rock.

Adolf hitler, as horrific and terrible as he was, said that the drive behind everything he did with the holocaust and the WWII was a personal belief that Germany needed a living space in the east and that if anybody would live in Germany, it should be pure Germans. And within 1921-1925, he was busy convincing and brainwashing Germans to believe and buy into his SELF MOTIVATED IDEA and by 1933 when he became president, he had Germany in his hands.

The thing is people will never always think or reason the way you do, the reason why a lot of people still get disappointed at people’s attitude is because they assume people have the same thought pattern as them, which is not true. We are from different backgrounds and homes, with different upbringings with different challenges; we can never reason alike. So maybe if you stop believing people see what you see, you would be less disappointed.

So when you’re discouraged and disappointed, beaten and battered, pick yourself up and say to yourself, “I AM MY OWN MOTIVATION”, when you try things and they don’t work out probably because of a mistake you made, don’t give up, go ahead and try again because “YOU ARE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION” when people don’t encourage or applaud what you do, appreciate and applaud yourself and say “I AM MY OWN MOTIVATION”

So through the punches and pinches of life, every blow and arrow, as you grow, know how to flow, row by row, learn to glow through every blow life throws at you. Life isn’t smooth; some parts are hollow and some are plain. Through it all, follow the Supreme Being as He leads you through your heart because YOU ARE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION.

Thank You.
Sam Ayo-Oyebamiji.


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