Interview with Pastor Aduloju ( part 2)

Hello Amazingly beautiful MSB readers! I hope the week has been kind to you so far! Well, it’s in your power to make sure the days are kind to you. Today on ‘THEIR STORIES THURSDAY’, we will be looking at the second part of the interview with Pastor Yemi Graceman Aduloju (hawt pastor). If you were blessed by part 1, then be more than ready to be blessed by part 2. I will stop talking and allow you read. Kindly share.
10 days at Shiloh starts tomorrow and honestly, it is a programme you do not want to miss. If you are not in Ibadan, you can watch online. Just go to LICC’s website


Me: Considering your background sir, can we say you never faced any challenges being in ministry?

PA: I have no regrets answering God’s call but as a human, I atimes feel I would have a better life if I practiced law for long, but I’m quick to answer by the help of the Holy Spirit that I wouldn’t have been able to bless as many people as I do with his help. Nothing gives me great joy and fulfillment like hearing someone say I have blessed them. It is a privilege to serve God. Life s full of challenges as there can be no progress without challenges.

If you mind opposition, you will lose your position. We must be prepared to face challenges and overcome them. Whatever your mind is not willing to face, it is not ready to change.

Me: I am aware that you have your service in ministry in another ministry, why did you break away from that ministry or better still, what gave rise to the birth of Lighthouse International Christian Centre?

PA: I have the nature of a perfectionist and perfectionists rarely pioneer anything so I never thought I would pioneer a church. I felt my primary calling was to work under someone so I could freely express myself and fight anything that wasn’t perfect (Being a perfectionist is a flaw as humans are not perfect including me and you can’t build anything with that attitude). I was in living spring under Pastor Femi Emmanuel. I became the senior pastor to him when I left the church (which I started) in Lagos to Ibadan. I was going to leave living spring to travel to Canada or United Kingdom to practice law but starting a church wasn’t part of my plans. The Holy Spirit had a different plan and told me I was to pioneer a church. I asked for his help and went ahead to start LICC in 2006 but mind you, I have been in ministry for 26 years.

Me: In your own time, what are the things you put into consideration for the choice of a life partner and precisely what attracted you to pastor Nike?

PA: Oh! You want to touch my brain (laughs). There are so many things to put into consideration. You have to consider God; he is the primary person, then purpose and vision. You ask yourself questions like:

Is she genuinely born again?

Will she help me fulfill God’s purpose for my life? Taking for granted the fact that you know God’s purpose for your life.

Do I love her? Love no matter how tiny must be involved.

Am I proud of her? She must be someone I can easily introduce to people.

Can I trust her? Trust is the bedrock of any relationship

Do I have peace in the relationship? Where there is peace, there is God and vice-versa.

As a man, I will ask myself:

Is she beautiful?

“You must be attracted to who you want to marry. If there is no attraction, there will be extra-marital affairs.”

Is she industrious? Go to proverbs 31.

What of her character?

Character is what remains after beauty wanes. Never marry a character deficient person.

PA and Pastor Nike on their birthday.

PA and Pastor Nike on their birthday.

Pastor Nike filled all the criteria’s. We dated for 8 years and 4 months and we have been married for 16 years.

Me: In the little time that I have known you, I perceive warmness and unity in your family. Is it that you and Pastor Nike don’t have any differences?

PA: She is my best friend yet there is no one I quarrel with like her.

The closest person to you is the one that will offend you the most. Closeness reveals weakness.

One of the things working for us is my sense of humour. I make her laugh even when I’m angry. But when we have mis-understanding, I express it. Whenever I’m angry, I process the anger. Processing allows you win your friend. I studied materials on women, read books like ‘Total Woman’ which helps me. One other thing we have working for us is that, we never get angry at the same time. But I will tell you this: Marriage is hardwork. You have to be tolerant.

There is no perfect marriage as there are no perfect humans. Knowledge of that will enable you work on your marriage. Change the changeable things, cope with unchangeable things and trust God to see you through.

Me: There are a lot of divorces these days. What advice can you give this generation?

PA: There are many reasons why marriages break.

  • Too much expectation without preparation because of fake lifestyles promulgated through the media.
  • Unbrokennness. Understand basic roles and responsibilities of each in marriage created by God. Men are designed to take the lead, but never to laud it over her as both are equal in the union but someone has to take the lead. Both will struggle where there is no leader. Women are designed to support. Men are to provide but we have many irresponsible men failing in this regard.

Me: Have you experienced a situation where your children are calling for attention and at the same time, you have to attend to church matter?

PA: Not exactly as we must prioritize things in our lives. The order for me is God, family and ministry. Every minister must be careful to ensure family doesn’t suffer at the expense of ministry, there must be a balance.

It is important to pay attention to what will be there when every other thing leaves. Never be a stranger to your children.

Me: Can you please share one of your high moments as a minister?

PA: The first day LICC started brought tears to my eyes. I started the church with a team of 18 families; no publicity was done (just a banner on the wall of the building). I was wondering who would attend but surprisingly, we had 197 people on the first day.

The third anniversary when the foundation of the cathedral was laid was another high moment. When it was roofed, it was exciting to see how God works as we didn’t have up to NGN 1 million in the church account and we were embarking on a project of over NGN 100million.

It is amazing and humbling to see God go beyond you to do the unexpected.

matey_church_adMe: 10 days at Shiloh is here, what should we expect?

PA: Expect to meet a man called Jesus. No situation meets him and remains the same. We are in for the demonstration and raw power of God. Everyone should come with great expectations.

Me: As an Ekiti man, do you eat pounded yam a lot?

You won't believe he is 45!

You won’t believe he is 45!

PA: (smiles)… Not as much as my dad. I eat yam pounded in a mortar and pestle once a week most times. I actually taught my wife how to pound yam but it’s not my favourite. I don’t have a favourite food.

Me: Thank you so much for sitting with me and answering my questions.

PA: you are welcome.

  • Myss Lafunky
    September 18, 2014

    I enjoyed reading this. More Grace sir.

    Thanks for interviewing him. I’ve never actually heard of the church.

    Ministry work- God will continue to help all the people He has called. May we all be faithful to the end in Jesus name.

  • frances
    September 28, 2014

    Thank you Pastor Aduloju for your wise words and thanks Mayowa for doing this interview and bringing wisdom to our doorsteps..
    I love the advise on making sure your partner can help you fufil God’s purpose for your life..also on putting family first before ministry..the family itself is God’s ministry to you too, it cannot be left to fall apart..

    God bless you girl!

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 28, 2014

      God bless you more girl and I agree with you. Family should come before ministry or business or whatever. If you are a stranger to your family but you are a well renowned man or woman of God, I am afraid you are really missing it and you won’t be as blessed as if it’s family first.

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