Is he worth fighting for?

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I saw a tweet that a certain woman who believed in God, lived for him and wrote about him in an attempt to draw others to him recently renounced her belief in God. I am not sure of the particular reason she gave, but comments were circulating that she did because of the injustice and mental abuse she faced from a renowned pastor and also, the lack of love shown to her by the Christian community. I don’t know if that’s true, but I will use that as the basis of what I want to talk to us about.

I am a fighter when it comes to my dreams and an even fierce fighter when it comes to what I strongly believe in. I am however a weak fighter when it comes to fighting for friendship and the people I love, whose fingers are slowly slipping away from mine. I don’t know why I am such a weak fighter when it comes to that. There are very few people though that I fight for, but I know the energy I dispense in doing that is not even close to being my best. The tweet I saw about her made me think about God. Is God worth fighting for?

There have been and will be times I don’t feel like talking to God. I am just weighed down by things that I don’t feel like talking to him. I so easily let my fingers slip from his, and even beg him to let me go when he is holding on so tightly. There are times that I feel like he is not listening to me. He is just sitting and watching things happen, while being deaf to my many pleas. And times like that, I want to let go completely. I don’t want to fight for the love I have for him and the communion I enjoy with him.

Times like that, my whole being is so clouded by what I am feeling at the time that I forget about how he has made my life more valuable than I could ever imagine. I forget that it’s in him that I live, move and have my own being and I just love that. But I don’t walk away from him completely because I know he is worth fighting for. Our love is worth fighting for and the storms of life and my heart should never make me lose sight of the greatest lover that can ever satisfy my soul.

I thought of the lady. She let go of him, perhaps because she thinks he is not worth fighting for. Perhaps because she forgot he is not man and though his representative caused her pain, he is not man that he should falter. His love is everlasting. Perhaps, her relationship with him was not strong enough and that’s why she could let go of him just like that. I really don’t know. All I do know is that God is worth fighting for.

When you are going through pain and abuse from the hands of humans, even those that claim to represent God. I hope you don’t take it out on God and let go of him.

When life doesn’t seem to make sense and you don’t feel like talking to God, I hope you just sit and listen to him talk to you instead. I hope you remember that he cares for you.

When everything is going wrong as it seems to be in our world right now, I hope you don’t think its cause God has deserted you. And so you desert him too.

I hope you remember Love chose you. Love chooses you every day despite all you do because love knows you are worth fighting for.

I hope you fight for him too, even if your fight is weak at first.

I hope your love for him is strong enough to withstand any storm.

I hope you keep wearing the ring that signifies that your love for him is for better, for worse;

For richer, for poorer;

In sickness and in health;

Till death brings you face to face with him.

But that’s just what I think anyway. What do you think?

Do you think he is worth fighting for?

  • Oladosu Tosin
    September 7, 2016

    Yeah, God is worth fighting for. The reasons the woman gave were reasonable enough but like you said the relationship thing matters.If one is not well grounded in ones relationship with God, that might be valid.One can easily think that way, when things don’t go the way you’ve planned them and the Christian folks aint helping you out.But the word said all things(both good and bad)work together for our good.Most times when I want to think in that manner too,I cheer maself up with what Elihu told Job in Job chapter 32-37.That humbles me a lot.

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