Is that really your best?

Happy New Year Folks. I really do hope it’s not coming too late. I’m guessing we all setting out to make the year work for us, yes? About three articles were posted on the blog between Monday and Tuesday. KINDLY IGNORE THEM. IGNORE ANY POSTS BY LANRE. These are spam posts that i’m taking action against.

It definitely feels good to be back here after months. I’m going to be talking about something that will be a personal challenge for me this year and perhaps, the same might apply to you. Please read and help spread the word that mateyscott blog is back…

Okay let’s get to it, shall we!


I was reading a devotional by the Copelands’ in which Gloria Copeland told a story about her grandson and how his actions ruined the excuse of ‘I’m doing the best I can‘ for her. she said by choosing to do better than what he initially called his best, she could now question herself as to whether when she says she is doing her best, she really is.

I sat staring at the wall for some minutes after reading that, pondering over what she wrote and silently wishing I had not read it because she has also ruined my perfect excuse. ‘I’m doing the best I can’ is an age old excuse that has become acceptable to and by many. Gloria exposed my mind to the question of if my best really is the best or if it’s the limit of the best I have set for myself. I am grateful to her for that, but also not grateful because I know now that my mind will refuse to accept the perfect excuse I have been giving it. It will make me start questioning if the best I say i am doing is just the best I want to do.

I have known for a while now that I can always better my best. There is always room for growth and improvement. My limit is that which I set for myself and I can only go so far when there is a set limit which acts as a bar from going beyond. So, I have tried not to see limits and I have been successful to a good extent. What I didn’t know was that even with the limits I fight to break, the best I offer/get is the best that I want to offer/get. It is not actually the best. I have unknowingly been limiting my best.

So many of us are guilty of this. When we say we are doing the best we can, often times, we truly believe that and few people question us on that. It’s like ‘I’m doing my best’ are magic words that make people nod their heads in agreement. You get some bold people who question you, the ones that ask: Really? Are you really doing your best or that’s just convenient to say?

I want us to start questioning ourselves. When we say we are doing our best, let’s search ourselves to see if that is a convenient disposition not to do more or if that’s actually the truth.

There are times that you will say you are doing your best and that’s just the truth. But if we are being honest with ourselves, it’s not the case most times.

We can always better our best. There will always be room to do more; be more. But are we limiting our best to what we want to do?

Constantly ask yourself this year:  Am I doing the best I can or the best I want to do?

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