It can easily get to your head

Hello my loves! I hope uou are having a fabulous day. Stay cool and connected to God.

 images-74To walk with God is to die to self so you can be able to walk like God wants you to walk. You have to let go of your past walk with the world because ‘BEHOLD YOU HAVE BECOME A NEW CREATURE, ALL THINGS GAVE PASSED AWAY… (2 Cor 5:17). When you do and your relationship with God grows, he can take you to another dimension entirely where he can use you to perform miracles of the old like the type performed by Moses. Where you can decree a thing and it will come to pass like Elisha decreed that God should hold rain for three years (1st Kings 17:1) and he did or your body can become so full of fire that illnesses are healed by just contact with you like Jesus. It is in the Bible that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebs 18:8). So definitely if he is the same, he can surely perform the miracles of old now but unfortunately, many of us are not walking with God like the people of the old and we even start thinking that the miracles are no longer possible forgetting the word of God is infallible.

Now, there are some people that we even call ‘special’ that God is using to perform the miracles of old. The people that once they touch you, every infirmity in your body goes. The people that don’t need to pray for you but can just casually decree that it is well with you and everything begins to turn around for the better. We have people like that who genuinely serve God and the funny thing is some don’t even hold any title like pastor, HOD and God is using them mightily. You might even be part of the people but just like Samson, you face the danger of becoming too confident and comfortable and most especially, you face the danger of letting it get to your head and like Samson, you face the danger of being touched though you think you are untouchable. I know the anointing on Samson’s life went when razor touched his head because of lust which came in form of Delilah but your Delilah might not be lust (check the full story in Judges 16:1-21). It can be pride and self-assurance you forget to go back to your source to drink new water, you rely on the water you have drunk before.

There is a story of a woman who was used by God tremendously. She would come to the podium to preach and lives would be touched. She carried an unusual grace and through her, a lot of people were blessed. But she faced a danger everyone that is being used unusually by God faces. She started feeling superior and she started forgetting God can easily replace her and can even raise unexpected people that he will use. He is a boss like that and you can’t afford to be proud. Even brother Paul said: ‘LET THE ONE WHO BOASTS BOAST IN THE LORD (1 cor 1:31)’. She started feeling like the general overseer was not as powerful as she was and she felt her own church should be born. She forgot nothing you do will succeed if God doesn’t give you a go ahead no matter how smart or anointed you are.

Let’s strengthen our walk with God and let’s ask the Holy spirit to help and guide us because he is the comforter Jesus left us with when he was leaving the world. But please, you have to be extra careful when God starts using you in ways that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard (1st cor 2:9). Be careful and hold on tighter to him because you become a bigger threat to the devil who is a roaring lion looking for who to devour and he is so quick that when you allow a small opening, he can take over.

2014-08-05-12-43-27--1960957920You need extra grace not to let it get to your head because its very easy for it to get to your head after all you are human and you can easily forget without HIM, you are nothing  Please, you have to constantly pray for those God is using tremendously especially in these last days. May God help us.

May the lord God bless you real good.



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