It doesn’t matter.

I was privileged to be a part of Salt and Light Camp 2016 in August. I was so blessed and inspired. Being a part of the lives of amazing kids and monitors for one week definitely made the summer one I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

I was fortunate to have a passionate young man as one of the monitors in my squad. Lord knows he loved those kids and was really devoted to them. It didn’t matter to him that the girls in the squad outweighed the boys and that we didn’t even have any boy for the first three days. He was there, painstakingly making the early morning exercises fun for them. Teaching them about God and life with so much love in his eyes. Encouraging them when they felt down and defending them when the larger and older squads tried to put them down. I was so blessed to work with Martins.

Today, I’m hoping you will be blessed by this piece that Martins sent to me.

It doesn’t matter who you are or who you’ve been, neither does it matter where you’re from – the upper-in-the-sky class or the lower-below-the-earth crabs.
It doesn’t matter what wrong you’ve done or sins attributed to you and it doesn’t matter how pious and moral you’ve been.

It doesn’t matter what ambitions you have or what ambitions you lack, a fifteen year plan for your life or a clueless idiot without direction like they claim you are.

It doesn’t matter what expectations you pursue or meet, nor the fact that no one even believes in you to have an expectation of you.

It doesn’t matter if you lead your class or you’re Dumber, the joke of the class.

It doesn’t matter if you lead your colleagues like a formula 1 race car or you crawl behind like a 1962 Tuk-tuk or even stagnated like a comatose Beetle.

It doesn’t matter if you are the chief financier, benevolent benefactor of your society or you’re the one without coin when others spend, give and pledge money.

It doesn’t matter if everyone knows your name; in the country, city or street or you are the unfortunate one nobody remembers or cares to see.

It doesn’t matter if your house is full of children, young and old, male and female or you’re the one without a child, nor a pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter if you have a choice of houses to sleep in or your only roof leaks, neither does it matter that you are homeless, sleeping under newspaper leaves.

It doesn’t matter if an ode is written about you and generations unborn hear of your deeds or you’re the one without a legacy, even your children forgot you exist.

It doesn’t matter who trusts you and can give his neck for you or who is disappointed in you or no longer disappointed as he’s decided to tag you.

It doesn’t matter if your wife is a virtuous woman; the praise of the town or your woman is an eyesore, the bane in your life.

It doesn’t matter if your husband is a worthy Lord; praised even amidst the elders or an irresponsible imbecile given to depraved appetites, or perhaps you never married.

It doesn’t matter if your son’s are knights and your daughters angels or that your son’s turned out bastards and your daughters harlots.

It doesn’t matter how large your ministry, the tally of your healings or how inconsequential the size of your fellowship nor your impotent preaching.

It doesn’t matter if the president is Buhari or Jonathan, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, nor does it matter if the dollar is #40 or #400, the economy scary or just peachy.

It doesn’t matter the Scholarship you secured or the admission you missed nor the fact that you are uneducated, sitting at the bottom rung.

It doesn’t matter how much profit you balanced last financial quarter nor the losses you recorded, reducing your payroll to a meagre quarter.

It doesn’t matter who hired you and why you were fired for no good.
It doesn’t matter if you live or die, the very next moment a new life gently says hi.

Yes it doesn’t matter what avails in this world, it has since the beginning become garbage that must, and shall, be burnt.

But YOU! You must escape this corruption in the world and get out, up to the Holy mount where there is life and life beyond… imagining.

Choose Jesus for he is the way out. You must believe him, follow him and become like him. For then you escape. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Come to Jesus because all that really matters is Jesus Christ and how much you look like him.

All that really matters is that Jesus loves you and his love never goes away. And that is your escape. You know that his love for you is enough because that would give you every other thing you need.

(Jn 14:6, Col 3:1-3, 2Pet 1;1-11, Matt 6:19-34).

Do you understand?

Photo credit: The unitive.

  • Fowowe Martins
    October 12, 2016


    I am flattered. First; that you would praise me so, second; that you consider my effusion worth sharing.

    I hope however that many more people will come to the same understanding.


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